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Online mandatory training for healthcare workers

Online mandatory training for healthcare workers Training in any sector is important and the healthcare sector, because the wellbeing of others is of concern mandatory training is essential. What is mandatory training for healthcare workers? Before getting down to online mandatory training for healthcare workers, it is worthwhile knowing what mandatory training actually is. Mandatory […]

What to do on a CQC inspection

What to do on a CQC inspection The Care Quality Commission (CQC) carries out frequent site inspections. These inspections give the CQC the chance to engage face to with those employed in a health or social care environment as well as those who are cared for. The needs and requirements, as well as demands of […]

What The CQC?

What the CQC? CQC compliance is essential for any business that provides health or social care in the UK. Failure to comply can result in financial and reputational damage and in some cases see your facility being closed down. As with many compliance requirements attaining, maintaining and even proving compliance with CQC can prove challenging […]

Time to think about the future Social Care workforce

Time to think about the future Social Care workforce There is a need to find the right people for the jobs that are among the 90,000 vacancies in social care in the UK. This is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. The work of the 1.45 million adult social care workers and what […]

Safeguarding changes in 2018

Safeguarding and safeguarding changes in 2018 One of the most high profile activities will always be the safeguarding of young people and children. Throughout the UK Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) are in place to ensure the safety, protection and welfare of children and young people. Via “Working together with Children” (WTSC) statutory guidance to […]

Abuse and how to handle ten most common types

Abuse and How to Handle ten most common types There are many types of abuse; some are well known and other less so. Here are the ten most common forms of abuse in safeguarding and how to deal with them. Physical Abuse By far the most visible form of abuse is physical abuse. This kind […]

What is the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (Dols)?

What is the deprivation of liberty (DOLS)? The deprivation of liberty (DOLS) has been a debated part of safeguarding within the healthcare sector for some time. It can be said that there is a line between caring for people or a person and preventing harm can be too much and can instead deprive the individual […]

Why should you become a fire warden

Why should you become a fire warden What are the benefits to individuals and organisations from becoming a fire warden? The risks of a fire breaking out are very real to all businesses, no matter how carefully they plan their fire protection measures. Common causes of fire include electrical faults, a build-up of flammable and […]