Mandatory Training for Domiciliary Care Staff Training

What is Mandatory Training for Domiciliary Care Staff 

Mandatory training for Domiciliary staff is an essential part of their care staff training and is sometimes referred to as compulsory training for Domiciliary staff.  The objective of this training for Domiciliary staff is to ensure that they are all equipped and able to deliver their services to a high professional standard. This mandatory Domiciliary staff training is a way of making sure that care workers going into people’s homes comply with the relevant government guidelines and regulations.

Mandatory training for Domiciliary staff may consist of; end of life care, moving and handling, child protection, fire safety, food hygiene, catheterisation, dementia awareness, hand hygiene, infection prevention and control,  conflict resolution, bullying and harassment awareness, and much more. Such online training courses for care staff should  be allowed to be taken during the employer’s time, and the employer should make provisions to ensure that shift workers, or those who have religions requiring them to pray at certain times, are able to take the course in a way that does not disrupt their usual routine. HL Services offer flexible online training courses, and so the ability to take it in a time and place that suits is there.

The mandatory training for Domiciliary staff involves the taking of training courses for new care workers, however, the opportunity for established care staff to renew their knowledge and skills is there. By taking refresher courses in care, it ensures that their training in d is all up to date. Refresher courses in d are sometimes mandatory, but it depends on the organisation. HL Services makes this easy by providing accredited and certified online courses in care. While refresher courses are not currently seen as mandatory by the authorities, it is a requirement that all staff remain fully trained and competent in their role.

It is a requirement of any d to meet a set of standards as an organisation, which includes NHS litigation authority risk management standards and the Care Quality Commission inspection criteria.  The overall aim is to provide better health services and maintain high standards of care. Ongoing training, via online training courses in care, is one way of ensuring all staff have up to date skills and knowledge.

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