Want to sharpen your skills and perk up your prospects?   If you’re busy, but you want to progress, online courses are brilliant.   Perfect for anyone who wants a new job, a promotion, or a completely new set of skills.

Start becoming an expert today!  HL Online Training has a huge catalogue of online courses to choose from.  From Performance Management to Food Hygiene, from Human Resources to Customer Service, and an enormous section for Healthcare workers – the range is comprehensive.  Whether you want to become a better manager or a self-employed caterer, we’ve got the online course you need.

Every course is designed by a qualified professional, and then delivered through our friendly e-learning programme.   Check the course syllabus: each one is designed to meet the relevant industry standards.  Questions? We’re here to help! Click for live chat

Why take an online course?

1 – You’ll get more time.  It’s more efficient than travelling to a course venue for the day.  Complete your qualification faster, on your own device, without interruptions, and have more time with the people you love.

2 – You’ll get personal support.  Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s just you and a screen.  Every course has a dedicated tutor who can answer questions and give personal advice that makes the learning relevant to you.

3 – You’ll pass.  You can take your online assessment as many times as necessary.

4 – You’ll get CPD hours.  You’ll receive a certificate showing your hours of study.