Know About Food Hygiene Training​

Food Hygiene & Safety Courses With Certificates

Need your Food Hygiene certificate, but you’re too busy to attend a course?  It’s simple at HL.   With dedicated tutor support, online exams, and free retakes for a year, the process is painless…

Gain the knowledge to become an effective, certified food handler in a matter of hours.  Our courses start at the beginner level.  The basic Food Hygiene certificate, Level 1, is a good starting point for anyone serving food in any context.  Our Food Hygiene Certificate, Level 2 is approved by the CPD Accreditation group.  It takes 1-3 hours, with course materials and an exam that you can access from any computer – stop and start whenever you like; the software will remember your progress.   The food hygiene certificate is free to download and print at home.  If you want to save time and qualify in Levels 1-3, consider a Food Hygiene and Safety Bundle.

And if you thought that was simple, then why not continue your training online with us?  If you work in food hygiene or catering, choose an advanced course for Supervising Food Safety or Infection Prevention and Control.