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Food Hygiene & Safety Courses With Certificates

food safety & hygiene course advantages

Our CPD Accredited Food Hygiene and Safety Courses have been designed by industry professionals and offer you a deep understanding of the best practices. Study now and get your Certificate today!

Choose from a wide selection of safety and food hygiene courses and stay updated with the latest industry’s regulations. With HL Training Online, you get the opportunity to access a variety of courses that will give you a deep understanding of the many aspects of food hygiene practices, rules and procedures.

You will be able to build a solid theoretical background and practical skills that will allow you to tackle real problems and offer practical solutions to any issue. Our courses or both affordable and available from the comfort of your house, so you can obtain your certification in no time.

You will be guided and supported by a real Tutor that will answer any question that you might have. Your studying journey doesn’t have to be painful nor boring and with the help of a dedicated tutor, an amazing interactive interface and a lot of practical tasks, you can get started too.

You will be awarded a certificate once you finish your courses and that will be available for you to download for free. The certifications are CPD accredited and they can make you stand out from the others.

Why choose our Food Hygiene & Safety Courses?

Need your Food Hygiene certificate, but you’re too busy to attend a course?  It’s simple at HL.   With dedicated tutor support, online exams, and free retakes for a year, the process is painless…

Gain the knowledge to become an effective, certified food handler in a matter of hours.  Our courses start at the beginner level.  The basic Food Hygiene certificate, Level 1, is a good starting point for anyone serving food in any context.  Our Food Hygiene Certificate, Level 2 is approved by the CPD Accreditation group.  It takes 1-3 hours, with course materials and an exam that you can access from any computer – stop and start whenever you like; the software will remember your progress.   The food hygiene certificate is free to download and print at home.  If you want to save time and qualify in Levels 1-3, consider a Food Hygiene and Safety Bundle.

And if you thought that was simple, then why not continue your training online with us?  If you work in food hygiene or catering, choose an advanced course for Supervising Food Safety or Infection Prevention and Control.