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Medication Training For Care Workers

What is medication training for care workers? One of the most overlooked areas of healthcare workers is that of medical training for care workers. Giving medication is far more complex than the “take two pills three times a day after meals” or following the instructions on the packet. Understanding the wider implications surrounding medication is […]


Medicine Control, Medication & Drug Calculation Bundle (3 Courses)

This Medication Bundle comes complete with 3 courses all of which are CPD Accredited and Certificated following the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

You will get the following courses:

  • Control and Administration of Medication – Level 3
  • Medication Management
  • Drug Calculation

The certificate is immediately available upon completion online.


Medication Management course

The Medication Management course is designed for staff working within a caring environment. This course is in line with the National Minimum Standards Requirements and recent CQC guidelines. Candidates will gain an understanding of the legislation involved with administration of medication, along with being able to follow procedures set for safe administration of medication. Candidates will also gain an understanding of the importance of confidentiality and security in all procedures of drug administration. Candidates will also obtain under-pinning knowledge of the above issues and therefore will be able to put this into practice where necessary.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduction to medication
  • Storage and dispensing
  • Documentation, confidentiality and record keeping
  • Administration of medication
  • Reducing and eliminating medication errors
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Legislation and requirements
  • Regulating bodies

Control and Administration of Medication Level 3 Course

This medication online course provides all the knowledge requirements for the safe control, handling and administration of medicines in social and domiciliary care environments. This course is designed for managers or senior care workers to enable them to supervise or undertake the administration of medicines in their particular care setting and in accordance with current legal requirements. This medication online course meets the requirements for and covers in its entirety the Learning Outcomes for the “Knowledge Set for Medication” as defined by Skills for Care and Development in 2005: Following successful completion, individuals must be observed by a designated person to competently administer a range of medicines. We can provide registered students with a downloadable proforma for this purpose. Following successful completion of the theoretical and practical components, a manager may recognise an individual as a person designated for the administration of medicines.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the key legislation and guidance relating to the safe handling of medicines
  • Identify how organisational policies and procedures ensure the safe handling of medicines
  • For a range of care settings and both medical and non-medical care staff, outline the process for the prescribing, dispensing, obtaining and checking of medicines
  • Outline the range of support and guidance available relating to medicines and explain the importance of confidentiality relating to disclosure about individuals medication
  • Identify the types, purpose and classification of medicines commonly administered
  • Explain the routes by which medicines may be administered, the related rules for administration and level of competence required
  • Outline the importance of checking for, recognising and reporting effects that can occur as a result of an adverse reaction, a
  • contraindication or an interaction between medicines
  • Explain the need to gain consent and undertake risk assessment prior to the self or secondary administration of medicines
  • Describe the importance of the preparation for and administration of medicines to ensure accuracy
  • Identify the importance of accurate recording of the administration and refusal of medicines and administration errors
  • Recognise the requirements to validate the accuracy of safe storage and recording for medicines and for their safe disposal

What is a mental health first aid course?

What is mental health first aid? Most people are aware of the first aid and first aid courses. First aid and those qualified to administer first aid are lifesavers in many companies or just in society at large. Those qualified in first aid knowledge and understand what needs to be done when someone is injured or […]


Looking For Health And Social Care Training Online?

Online training is now the easiest way to quickly and cost-effectively become qualified. At HL Online Training, we offer over a 120 accredited and certificated online training courses for the Health and Social Care Sector, which are perfect for not only businesses and charities, but also individuals studying remotely. Whether you’re looking to increase your […]


Mandatory Training in Care

What is Mandatory training in care  Whether it be for residential care home staff, nursing staff, or general care staff, there are various forms of training that are deemed to be mandatory training. The aim behind mandatory training in care is to ensure that all care staff deliver their services in a safe way and […]


Mandatory Training Courses

What are Mandatory Training Courses Mandatory training courses are an essential part of care staff training, often being referred to as compulsory training.  In order to ensure that all staff are being held accountable to the same standards, mandatory training courses are available online and employers are required to arrange for such care courses to […]


Why Do Nursing and Care Staff Need Mandatory Training

Why Do Nursing and Care Staff Need Mandatory Training It is a fact that Nursing and Care Staff are required to undertake mandatory training for care staff. Almost all nursing staff training is essential, and this mandatory training for nursing and care staff is sometimes referred to as compulsory training. The premise behind mandatory training […]


Revalidation Accredited Online Training for Nurses and Midwives (15 Courses) course

These courses for revalidation are accredited for nurses and midwives, ensuring mandatory compliance with the national guidelines and NHS standards.

These courses count towards the 35 CPD hours required for the revalidation process.

You will receive the following courses:

  • Basic Life Support
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Catheterisation
  • Care Planning and Record Keeping
  • Venipuncture
  • Dementia-Intervention for Cognitive & Non-Cognitive
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Drug Calculations
  • End of Life-Advanced Care Planning
  • Epilepsy Awareness
  • Tissue Viability- Assessment & Treatment of Wounds
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Acute)
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Community)
  • Medication Management
  • Stroke Awareness