What is Ofqual

Whatever system is functioning and whatever organizational model is in place, there is always a need for external audit and control to streamline operations.

Who are Ofqual?

Ofqual is a non-ministerial regulatory body which awards qualifications, performs evaluations and examinations of the Educational system. It was founded in 2010 and operates in England according to the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 and the Education Act 2011. Ofqual protects and supervises the full range of education standards and ensures increased accountability to the House of Parliament.

Ofqual's activities provide confidence to education standards, proportionality to ministerial decisions on education as well as transparency and accountability to certifications.

The qualifications regulated by Ofqual suggest strong understanding and in-depth knowledge of students' various skills. Students can demonstrate their achievements through different evaluations and exams which improves their integration into the workforce.

Why Should You Have Faith in An Ofqual Regulated Certification

All organizations which are regulated by Ofqual must meet its requirements on a continuous basis. Ofqual guarantees that the certifications awarded by third-party organizations fully comply with high regulatory standards. The awarding organization should:

  • Identify and create the required resources to develop and provide assessments and qualifications;
  • Develop a system to predict future requirements for the qualifications it provides;
  • Prove flexibility to change and adaptation;
  • Fix any weak points in its capacity to award different required qualifications
  • Provide supporting evidence for its qualifications.

Because the process of having Ofqual certify organizations and courses is so complex, the Ofqual accredited organizations benefit from increased trust from prospects. Each required indicator and content element must be engineered to meet the rigorous conditions of Ofqual.


Can You Put an Ofqual Registered Course in Your CV?

Yes, you can include in your CV, under the qualifications section, any Ofqual registered courses which you've completed. This way, you'll provide evidence about your in-depth knowledge and capabilities in specific industry sectors.

Does an Ofqual qualification count towards your CPD?

Yes, Ofqual qualification adds value to your Continuing Professional Development due to the high standards which Ofqual accredited courses must meet.

Why Are Ofqual Regulated Courses Important to The Food Industry?

Ofqual regulated courses are crucial to the food industry because they train staff, and help to identify shortcomings or negative indicators covering all aspects of food safety and public health. The implementation and regulation of good practices in the food processing and production sectors are vital to streamline operations and maintain high-quality standards for the end products.

Food safety qualifications are tailored for personnel working in the food processing & preparation businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets to ensure high quality and strict hygiene control.

What Ofqual Regulated Courses Do We Offer?

We offer a variety of affordable and high-quality Ofqual regulated courses for:

Ofqual guarantees incredible standards and fairness across a wide range of industries and is proactive in supervising the integrity and quality of different training and assessment organizations. It's a unique independent regulator of certification and evaluation which is undoubtedly trusted and valued by learners, users, and the public.

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