Doctors CSTF Aligned Online Training Courses

Doctors CSTF Aligned Online Training Courses

While Doctors have to be educated and qualified to a high standard at University, they are still required to undergo some of the same CSTF aligned online training courses that lower level health care staff undertake. CSTF stands for Core Skills Training Framework, and it refers to a set of core skills that are mandatory across all professions within a health care and social care environment. Doctors CSTF aligned online training courses, can conveniently be undertaken online with HL Services, and employers can book doctors in for training at the same time as nurses and healthcare assistants if need be. The CSTF aligned online training courses for doctors are made up of a set of mandatory training modules, all adhering to current UK legislation. The online training for doctors covers basic training in areas of food hygiene, hand washing and record keeping, all things that people in the same workplace should be carrying out in the same way.

What is covered within Doctors CSTF aligned online training courses?

Just as all other health care staff, doctors must be aware of the UK legislation and guidelines when it comes to working within hospitals, health centres, care homes, and similar sectors. Basic theory in areas such as understanding criminal convictions, what fitness to practice means, and understanding their own specific role, are all areas that need to be addressed at the start, as well as having knowledge and understanding of key guidelines.

Further theory and practice modules which are undertaken include topics that are covered on a daily basis by many different members of staff – thus illustrating why it is most important that everyone undergoes the same CSTF aligned training. Doctors undertaking CSTF aligned online training courses with HL Services will touch on topics that appear in all areas of health care, such as Learning Disability Awareness, Mental Health Acts, Safeguarding Children, and Dementia Awareness. In addition to the medical related areas, modules in record keeping, risk assessment, fire safety, waste management, food safety, infection control, and all the sub categories within these are covered. General workplace modules are also included such as bullying and harassment, and conflict resolution, whether it be referring to staff patient relationships, or staff on staff.

The mandatory training for doctors, CSTF aligned online training courses, involves the undertaking of training courses for those who are perhaps newly qualified as doctors, or new to working in a health care environment. The fact that doctors are already highly qualified in medical subjects does not take away from the fact that they are required to adhere to the same set of standards within the workplace as all other staff.

The outcomes of such CSTF online training for doctors, will mean the doctor, be it a general practitioner or a specialist, has certificated knowledge and understanding of the current UK legislation and guidelines. The doctors CSTF aligned online training courses from HL Services will deliver up to date high quality courses that are accredited and certificated, and enable the learner can then carry out all the aspects within their specific role in the workplace.




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