HL Online Training is awesome. I don’t need to say much more. I am 18 years old and really just starting out in my first job at a school kitchen. I love working with people but when I heard I would have to go on lots of courses I was not impressed. I wasn’t told the courses were all online, it is so cool. I love the fact that my employer has selected the most appropriate courses for me but has also given me freedom and some money to spend on choosing courses that will help me better. I love it that when my friends are on Facebook on their phones I look like I am doing the same but I am actually learning more than Facebook could ever teach me.

Kacey Gordon
Care Assistant

I don’t really like studying, I have never been the studious type but HL Online Training has changed me. I am care assistant at a private care home looking after end of life patients. I love my job and always look for ways to try and do it better. With the introduction of HL Online Training into the place I work I soon found that there were plenty of courses that could really help me do my job better. The HL system is so easy to use and because the courses feel like bite-sized chunks rather than daunting training programs I got to grips with training really quickly. I found the courses really have helped me and I know I am helping my patients better thanks to the very nifty, very affordable HL Online Training

Isobella Driscoll
End Of Life Carer

In the last few months I have been using HL Online Training at work. I never really appreciated the value of the training until recently where the place I worked at had to close and I was left without work. Looking for work I had to write my CV and it soon became clear I did not have much experience. I was told that the courses I studied online could be and must be put on my CV because the courses are accredited and recognised my employers. I had forgotten the courses I took on HL Online Training but on logging in I found I could find all my history and soon had the information I needed. The courses and my training clearly impressed other people and I am glad to say I am back in work and now have my employer using HL Online Training.

Danica Santos
Catering Asssistant

HL Online Training has helped me become a better carer. It really is that simple. I started using HL Online Training at work when I had my induction and soon saw the value of the system. The courses are easy to follow and the instruction and training is clear. When I asked if I could use HL to get more skills my employer was more than happy. I have used HL Online Training to study some of the specialised skills such as caring for patients with Diabetes. We have 2 patients with diabetes and thanks to HL Online Training I understand their disorder and can care for them better than ever before. I am not sure if it is me that wants to thank HL or those I care for, either way, thank you.

Luisa Tomlinson
Domiciliary Carer

The private care home I work in uses HL Online Training as part of its on-going training process. When it was introduced, I was uncertain at first as I am in my early 50s and technology sort of scares me. Once I was shown how to use HL Online Training I soon got to grips with it as it is really easy to use, I can find my way around and know at the click of a button I can get help. The courses are fabulous and I feel like I am sat in front of a teacher, I have learned a lot and am still learning. I never thought I would say this but I am so pleased I am was introduced to HL Online Training and my kids love it that I am now using technology.

Leo Poole
Private Home carer

I was looking for work in the health care industry. I had some experience but very little in the way of training or qualifications. HL Online Training helped me get the basic training I needed and it was really affordable. I found I could study easily and where I needed to ask questions I could send a message to my tutor and get an answer back fast. HL Online Training helped me put some valuable information on my CV and today I am employed in a small care home and using HL to help me grow in my role and hopefully be promoted. I am so happy I found HL Online Training.

Carlie Ward
Job seeker

As a health worker, I love to keep up to date with many aspects of my work but finding the time and money to attend training courses for my own reasons has always been a problem. I have friends who have been using online training for their work and until I started looking I never realised that this would be the answer for me. I looked at HL Online Training and I could see straight away that it would work for me. HL was affordable and lots of small, short courses that were perfect for keeping my knowledge up to date. I can study at any time and there is no pressure to finish or rush the course, having a tutor to communicate with allows is just a bonus. I do believe HL Online Training has helped me do my job better and I also know that all the courses I have studied will be valuable on my CV.

Farhan Fuentes
Health Care Worker

I am a care assistant in a busy nursing home and know I need qualifications as well as experience to move up in this industry. Cost and finding the time are the two biggest problems I faced when looking at increasing my skills. That was until I was told about HL Online Training. I had no idea that training could be so easy and so affordable online, I never realised the courses were all accredited either. HL Online Training is so flexible that I can study when it suits me at the pace I am comfortable with. I study in my lunch breaks and on those quiet nights where the residents in the care home are sleeping I have to stay away. Thanks to HL Online Training I am bettering myself and making things work around my training.

Amit Conley
Care Assistant

I recently moved jobs as my previous employer was not giving me the training I really wanted. I wanted skills and qualifications I could take with me not just experience. My new employer, a small care facility in Hampshire, uses HL Online Training. They say it is the best thing since sliced bread as it gives their staff good training and is very affordable. As soon as I joined the team I was given a login for HL Online Training and soon found a whole new world at my fingertips. HL was used as part of the induction process and my manager is encouraging me to use HL and will even pay for the courses as they are such good value. I am really happy in my job now and know I am gaining skill that will grow me. Thank you HL Training.

Agata Pate
Residential Carer

I have been a general care giver for many years but wanted to move into a more vertical or specialist role. My challenge was going to be training, not so much experience. Training is expensive, or so I thought, and then I found HL Online Training. I was amazed at how affordable the course were and when I saw how many they had I was spoiled for choice. HL Online Training was perfect for me as I could learn at my own pace and at a time that suited me. I loved the fact I had a “tutor” and this allowed me to ask questions. I am now well on my way to specialising and I could never have done this without HL Online Training.

Madeleine Todd

HL Online Training has been a major part of improving our care giving. Taking over a care facility is always a challenge, especially one where there were a few problems. We needed to get our staff up to an improved level understanding about their work and many needed training. I had used online training before and decided to look into using it for our facility. HL Online Training stood out among all the other providers and my team and I made a conscious decision to implement it swiftly. Within days of implementing HL Online Training staff morale increased and we soon found that our care team wanted more training and thus we allowed them to explore. HL Online Training also provides with clear insight into what my staff are studying and how they are performing. This is powerful information and I know it will lead to improved care for our “guests”

Remy Nunez
Home Supervisor

As a private care facility, we pride ourselves on giving the very best care for our residents. To ensure our care is top notch we believe in good training. When asked how our levels of care are kept so high we explain how HL Online Training has become part of our business and ethos. The training the HL Online system offers is superb and we encourage our staff to make the most of the system as it is so affordable. Our carers even show the courses they are on with our residents and this has become an amazing thing to see. HL Online Training has really helped us improve our care giving and the interaction among the staff who use and love the system has created a really happy

Dawn Roman
Home Manager

I run an old age home and frail care facility just outside Manchester. One of our biggest costs has been training and ensuring our care givers are up to date with the qualifications and accreditations. Managing who has what and if it is up to date or not has also been a challenge in the past. I have always believed that technology would have a few answers to my problems. HL Online Training has addressed many of my problems since incorporating the system into our training programs. Giving me control and clarity about the training and my staff has become a life saver for me. The cost saving on the courses have allowed me to reduce budget for training and apply funds in areas where spend was needed. Incorporating HL Online Training into any care facility is something I can highly recommend.

Isaak Pruitt
Care Manager

When a new care giver joined my team and my fairly large care home she was shocked that we didn’t use online training. She explained the benefits of online training and showed my HL Online Training. Our training costs were high and it was always a challenge to juggle staff around to attended courses that often took place during working hours. At the time it was all we knew but HL Online training opened my eyes. Sure, there are some forms of training that do not work online but today the vast majority of our training, including our induction processes is carried out using HL Online Training. HL Online Training has become a vital and cost saving addition to our care home and the results of good training are showing through improved patient care. Thank you HL

Shelly Hayward
Head Of Training

Heading up an HR department of a large care home requires having oversight and control of staff training. In the past training has been done in a classroom environment, with paper certificates and somewhat clumsy systems to ensure the staff had the relevant and up to date levels of care training. I am so glad that HL Online Training was brought to my attention as the system not only provides outstanding and tremendously flexible training for my staff but it also is a superb management tool. I can have access to every staff member on the HL system and keep a track as to who is studying what and who has what accreditation or qualification. The system also allows me and my staff to search for relevant courses to improve the quality of care given. I really cannot thank HL Online Training enough for making my job easier.

Katie Mcneill
Human Resources

I work for a government care facility and budgets for training have been stretched for some time. I took the initiative to look for and research more effective and cost effective solutions to training. Online training was something that I had heard about but had brushed off. I stumbled on HL Online Training and browsed through the courses they offered and had a look at some of the content. I was very impressed and registered myself for a course. It soon became clear that HL Online Training could play an important part in the management of our facility. Over the last few months a number of our staff members have used HL to improve their skills and bring themselves up to statutory requirements. HL Online Training has proven to be a superb addition to our training needs and has helped us ensure higher levels of care. Thank you

Allen Holland
Training & Compliance Manager

I was a little uncertain of online training for my care staff at first. I had heard many things but still felt a little uneasy. I decided to look at HL Online Training to see if it could help my very small care home. I was amazed at the courses and the quality of the content and showed it to my staff. From the outset they wanted to get trained and get learning and the well priced courses made it an obvious choice. For a small care home such as us HL Online Training allows us to get our staff trained to the same levels as larger establishments meaning we can give the same high levels of care. From my uncertainty, I can now safely say the online training really works and HL Online Training is the very best.

Frida Myers
Head Administrator

We recently expanded our care facility and took on 10 new staff. The staff all had different levels of experience but we needed an induction process and training program that would get them all to a similar level. We had never considered online training before but thought we would try HL Online training, there was very little financial risk. The first few staff trained on the system were ecstatic about the training and we soon realised that online training, especially with the flexibility the HL Online training offered, was the ideal solution for our needs. We have since opened up HL Online training to all our staff and use it for all new recruits. I, personally, cannot thank HL Online Training enough.

Luci Savage
Care Manager

As an HR Manager in a growing chain of care homes, training has always been something I have struggled with. Trying to find the right courses and having some form of continuity to know my staff are all trained to the same level has been difficult. I had never considered online training before but had heard a lot of talk about it. I found a handful of companies that could offer what I was looking for but HL Online Training just seemed to stand out. Having presented the option using HL Online Training to the management teams at each care home the option made sense both for training and financially. Within a few weeks the staff had all been introduced the online training and today HL Online Training has become a vital part of our business, training staff well and keeping costs down.

Brendan Marshall
HR Manager

HL Online training has proven to be an asset to our small care home. Specialising in frail care we have a small team and we really want to give the best care possible. When it comes to training our challenge has always been time as we cannot really afford for our carers to be away for days at a time. One of our care givers mentioned online training and I did some research. I found HL Online training and I asked a few questions about it. The response was first class and I decided to sign a staff member up and pay for a course. The outcome was amazing and the staff member was overjoyed. In a few short months HL Online Training has become my best friend when it comes to training. Thank you.

John Bolton
Care Manager

We are using the CPD training and find it excellent for our staff needs. The courses are very informative and I have had positive feedback from all the staff so thank you.

Patricia White
Care Home Manager

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