Nurses CSTF Aligned Online Training Courses

Online training courses for Nurses

Nurses CSTF aligned online training courses can be booked online, either for groups or individuals. CSTF (Core Skills Training Framework) aligned online training courses for nursing provide nurses who work within a health or social care environment, to undertake a mandatory and certificated course with ease, and in their own time, at their own pace. Highly qualified nurses may require CSTF aligned online training courses before working in a workplace such as a hospital, health centre or care home. This is the same for any staff from doctors down to carers. The CSTF aligned online training courses for nurses are made up of mandatory training modules, each which are required by UK legislation to be undertaken by nurses and other health care workers. The online training available at HL Services covers everything from how records should be kept by all, fire safety, food hygiene and medical related issues too. 

Undertaking the nurses CSTF aligned online training courses, will ensure that nursing staff within hospitals, care homes or doctor surgeries will have a good grounding in current UK legislation relating to their role. They will have a greater understanding of their role and responsibilities, and be aware of what standards within this are required by them, as well as all other staff within the workplace. This type of mandatory online training for nurses is especially useful for agency nurses who do not have a fixed place of work. It means that wherever the agency nurse is sent, they will have the exact same training as the permanent members of staff in the establishment, and be able to slot in and work with their procedures, be them clerical or medical. 

Some of the mandatory training modules  within the nurses CSTF aligned online training courses will include Dementia Awareness, the Mental Health Act, Safeguarding Children, and cover areas such as hygiene, and health and safety. All areas will be relevant to nursing. 

Providing an advanced platform for nurses to undertake this mandatory training, online, at a pace that suits them. The ability to go over the information within the module again and again is there, ensuring that when you take, or retake, the text at the end of each module, it has really sunk in. This service is available to all healthcare staff who undertake CSTF aligned online training courses with HL Services, be it doctors, nurses, dentists, healthcare assistants, or care workers. 

All our online training courses are fully accredited courses, and each module is certificated, and enables the learner to print their completion certificate upon passing the test. This means that the learner has full control over their learning, and is never rushed, allowing them to really take the information on board. If you are an employer looking to book online training for nurses in the UK, then be sure to get in touch with us and allow us to set it up for you.




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