Domiciliary Workers & Care Staff Online Training Courses (CSTF)

We provide domiciliary workers and care staff online training courses to anyone within the health and care sector. It is vital that domiciliary workers and care staff take online training courses due to the specialist field of healthcare that they are in. Employers are able to book courses for care staff directly with us letting us know how many care workers require the course, and we can provide all the technical support required for the individual to take and complete the online training they are required to undertake. 

Who should take the Domiciliary workers & care staff online training course?

This online training course for care staff has been specifically designed for those working within domiciliary care, or any kind of related care environment. It has been carefully designed and developed so that all areas that affect patient care and well-being are covered, including what the care worker themselves needs to know to protect patients, as well as themselves. Many of the areas covered within the courses cover skills that are transferable, and that can be used across the healthcare sector. However, there are also many modules specific to certain roles, and this is what is important for domiciliary care workers, and makes it vital that they undertake the online training. 

Those undertaking the online course could be domiciliary workers, care home staff, residential home staff, care assistants, support workers, nursing home staff, carers and so on. Any workers working within the healthcare sector should take online training, specific to their role. 

What does the online training course cover?

The online training course for domiciliary care staff covers a wide range of topics within the area of care. This ties in with all that is required by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) , and the mandatory training that is required by UK legislation. Further training many be required in keeping with specific roles within the healthcare sector. 

The online training course has been developed for those care workers who are at the beginning of their career, as well as those more experienced care workers, who perhaps have no completed online training before. These courses can also be used as refresher courses for those domiciliary care workers who have been working within the care sector for a long time, but need updated training. 

The kind of topics covered within the course for domiciliary workers and care staff include; understanding the role they are given within the care environment, knowing what their responsibilities are, understanding UK legislation, risk assessment, stress management, bullying and harassment awareness, data protection, record management, care planning and record keeping, effective communication, how to handle complaints, understanding the mental health act, MRSA, safeguarding children, learning disability awareness, medication management, fire safety, food hygiene, and much more. The modules consist of general transferable skills within their industry, as well as more role specific modules. 

Is a certificate issued at the end of this online care course?

The online training courses are all accredited and certificated. After taking an online training course for domiciliary workers and care staff, upon completion and obtaining the pass mark, the learner will be able to print themselves a copy of their certificate. In instances where the learner does not pass a module, they will have access to the portal where they can retake the test, as well as be able to access all the learning material to ensure that they have really understood it. Upon the learner passing the test part, they are automatically issued with a certificate.