Non Clinical CSTF Online Training Courses

Non Clinical Online Training Courses

Offering non-clinical CSTF aligned online training courses and make it easy for employers to block book training, or for individual training to take place. All our courses are accredited and up to date with the UK legislation that relates to such non-clinical CSTF aligned online training courses. We are able to train health care workers, online, to national standards, and certificate them upon successful completion.

Who should take non-clinical online training courses?

Staff who work within hospitals, either NHS or private, health centres, care homes and similar environments within the health and care sector, are required to undertake online training courses that are CSTF aligned. This includes non-clinical staff such as therapists, receptionists and technicians. Even those who are not in direct contact with patients are required to undergo the training online.

What does the online training course cover?

This is basic training, non-clinical CSTF aligned online training courses, that cover hand washing, food hygiene, fire safety, and other general areas that all staff in the workplace should be aware of. There are also other modules that are more role specific depending on the nature of the job the individual has, especially those working within the health care sector.

Non-Clinical Staff will receive a Certificate from their Online Training

All courses undertaken  are certificated. This means that upon completing each module and passing it, a certificate will be available for download and printing, awarding the learner. Non-clinical staff who require CSTF aligned online training can be signed up , all that is required is their name and a few details, and we can do the rest. This makes it easy on employers and management who have their own day job to be getting on with. We offer up to date, flexible learning, and all the technical support the learner may require. In addition to this, the learner can take the course in their own time, ensuring that it can fit in around their schedule. It should however still be undertaken on the employers time. To book non-clinical staff online training, CSTF aligned, get in touch with us.




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