General Practitioners GPs CSTF Aligned Online training Courses

General Practitioners GPs CSTF Aligned Online training Courses

Doctors require standard online training when working within health care environments, despite having gotten university degrees. This consists of General practitioners GPs CSTF aligned online training courses. Be it new doctors, or more experienced general practitioners, CSTF aligned online training courses can be undertaken at HL Services. CSTF stands for Core Skills Training Framework, and this is a mandatory form of training that should be taken by all healthcare workers who work within hospitals, health centres and even care homes, and this includes GPs.

General Practitioner GPs CSTF aligned online training courses, can be booked directly with us at HL Services, and we can take bookings for all sorts of workers in the same block, making it easy for employers and managers to manage staff training. The CSTF aligned online training courses for GPs are all in line, and kept up to date, with current UK legislation.

What is covered within GPs CSTF aligned online training courses?

The online training for GPs covers the basic standard training that all health care workers must undertake – such as hand washing, data protection, criminal convictions, record keeping, and so on. As with other health care staff who work within health centres and hospitals, GPs must be aware of the UK legislation and what is expected of them and their colleagues. As well as this basic theory, it is also necessary that General Practitioners undertake the awareness training, such as Learning Disability Awareness, Dementia awareness, and Mental Health awareness.

While GPs will hold their own medical qualifications, it is still vital that they undergo the same online training as other healthcare workers within the UK. This will ensure everyone adheres to the same standards and operates in the way set and expected.

HL Services make it easy for either singular or block bookings to be made for online training in health care sectors. The CSTF aligned online training course for General Practitioners GPs is an accredited course that is certificated upon passing each module – simply get in touch with HL Services to book this online training for GPs.




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