Health Care Assistant CSTF Online Training Courses

Health Care Assistant Online Training Courses

CSTF stands for Core Skills Training Framework. Healthcare assistants require CSTF aligned online training courses, as do many other staff within health care and social care roles. The CSTF aligned online training courses for healthcare assistants are made up of a series of mandatory training modules, required by law to be undertaken by specific staff. The training covers basic training in theory and practice, covering all the ground that healthcare assistants and care workers are required to be trained and certificated in. 

What is covered within these healthcare assistant CSTF training courses includes knowledge and understanding of the key UK legislation and guidelines when it comes to working within healthcare. Other basic foundation modules that cover fitness to practice, criminal convictions, and understanding specific roles and responsibilities are covered at the beginning of the online training. These courses then go on to cover health assistant CSTF health, safety and welfare   which includes risk assessment, waste management, stress management, and the correct record keeping and reporting process of injuries and diseases. Information Governance CSTF is also present in the mandatory training for healthcare assistants, which consists of data protection, patient confidentiality and record management. Following on from these more general modules, are then modules for Learning Disability awareness, Dementia awareness, safeguarding children, Infection prevention and control, Mental Health Acts, and many more aspects related to health and social care roles and environments. This training provides a grounding in all aspects within the healthcare environment of the specific health care workers. 

The mandatory training for healthcare assistants, CSTF aligned online training courses, involves the undertaking of training courses for those who have just began their career in health care, however if relevant, more experienced staff many be required to take such courses online. Refresher courses are not currently mandatory, however in some instances they are recommended, and the learner is often keen to complete them. The premise is that everyone is trained to the same standard, which means that standards set by governing bodies are adhered to. This is also extremely relevant for agency staff who work within healthcare, as it means that whatever workplace they go to, they have been trained to the same set of standards as their existing permanent staff. All healthcare assistants across the NHS, and private providers, are trained within CSTF aligned training courses. 

The outcomes of such CSTF online training for healthcare assistants, include the learner having a full knowledge and understanding of the current UK legislation and guidelines for their specific healthcare role. The healthcare assistants CSTF aligned online training courses will also educate the learner in conditions of patients, as well as general healthcare, and hygiene. HL Services specialise in online training courses for healthcare assistants, as well as social care workers, and many more roles within the healthcare sector. All courses are accredited and certificated, and qualify the learner to then carry out all the aspects within their specific role in the workplace.




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