Care homes can achieve the best value training by opting for the per user subscription at HL Online Training. This online training platform offers an extensive selection of over 400 high-quality, CPD-accredited courses covering healthcare, social care, food hygiene, health & safety, and human resources. By choosing the per user option, care homes can gain numerous advantages, such as:

Cost-effectiveness: Opting for the per user subscription enables care homes to save as they pay only for the users who take the courses, eliminating unnecessary costs for staff who don’t require particular training. It also makes it easier to manage the courses taken up by specific care home staff members.

Unlimited course access: With the per user subscription, care home employees have unlimited access to a wide range of CPD-accredited courses. This allows them to learn relevant skills and knowledge in various healthcare and social care topics.

Flexible learning: HL Online Training’s courses allow care home staff to learn at their own pace, accommodating different learning preferences and busy schedules. This not only ensures staff engagement but also enhances knowledge retention.

Instant course access: Upon subscribing, care home staff get instant access to the courses, allowing them to start upskilling immediately. This enables care homes to address specific training needs quickly and efficiently.

CPD-approval: All courses on HL Online Training are CPD-approved, ensuring that the training care home staff receive is of high quality and aligned with the latest industry best practices.

Compliance and certification management: Certificates awarded upon completion of the courses can be used to demonstrate staff competency and satisfy regulatory requirements. Additionally, the platform offers reporting features that help care homes maintain compliance and manage audits efficiently.

Ease of use and progress tracking: The platform is user-friendly and automatically saves course progress, enabling staff to pick up where they left off. The courses also include multiple-choice quizzes and assessments for learners to evaluate their understanding.

By choosing to pay for the per user option with HL Online Training, care homes can ensure they receive the best value training for their staff, improving employee competencies and the overall quality of care provided.

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