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  • Sale! Health, Safety and Welfare Training Course

    Health, Safety, and Welfare (NHS Health & Social Care) course

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    Those undertaking this course will receive an introduction into Health and Safety Awareness, which will explore the aspects within the healthcare sector.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Know and understand why Health and Safety exists
    • Have understanding of personal responsibility
    • Have knowledge of Health and Safety legislation
    • Have understanding of the risk factors within the workplace
    • Have understanding of the Health and Safety culture
  • Sale! Primary Health and Safety Awareness Course

    Primary Care Health, Safety and Welfare (CSTF) course

    Original price was: £20.00.Current price is: £9.47. £11.36 Inc VAT

    This session provides an introduction to Health and Safety Awareness and looks at why health and safety is an important part of the workplace.

    By the end of this session you should:

    • Know why we have health and safety
    • Understand responsibility and risk in health and safety
    • Know about health and safety legislation
    • Understand the culture of health and safety

    What is Primary & Secondary Care?

    Primary care is the first point of contact for someone when they contract an illness, suffer an injury or experience symptoms that are new to them. It is generally regarded as the ‘gateway’ to receiving more specialist care. This contact will be with a GP, Dentist or Optician.

    Secondary care is a patient who has been provided with primary care may be referred to a secondary care professional – a specialist with expertise on the patient’s issue. These are consultant-led services which include psychology, psychiatry and orthopaedics.