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    Intrapreneurship complete with certificate

    Intrapreneurship has been described as a great way to make beneficial changes to organisations. People can choose to continue with the status quo, or they can work to make a difference in the lives of themselves and others within the company. Who wants to feel empowered and recognised for their innovative and creative ideas? Who wants to make a difference? If participants answer yes to these questions, then this course will help them become energised and ready to push their ideas forward. After participants complete this course, they will have ways to get started and implement their plans.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the importance of intrapreneurship in today’s economy
    • Identify the characteristics of an intrapreneur and assess their own strengths
    • Create an intrapreneurial team within their organisation
    • Understand the process of intrapreneurship
    • Develop a new product or process idea
    • Understand the importance of a sales strategy
    • Create a start-up financial statement