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    Mental Health Awareness (NHS Health & Social Care) course

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    This Mental Health Awareness course is for health and social care workers, as well as those who work alongside such patients with mental health issues. It is designed to raise awareness and understanding about the symptoms of the condition, and treatments available, as well as what information is available for both sufferers and their families.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Have knowledge and understanding of the symptoms associated with mental health conditions, be it a personality disorder, anxiety, depression, psychosis and another.
    • Understand how healthcare staff, and social care staff, can provide support
    • Understand the way in which care can be adjusted in accordance with someone’s mental health condition
    • Understand how diagnosing mental health conditions early can help improve the quality of care and support that is delivered
    • Have knowledge and understanding of the policies, legislation and information regarding human rights and other areas of consent