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    Blood Transfusion Training Course

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    This Blood Transfusion Training course aims to provide a general introduction to blood transfusions for healthcare staff who are not directly involved in blood sampling, the decision to transfuse or administering blood transfusions. Healthcare staff who are more closely involved in the blood transfusion process will receive more detailed and specific training appropriate for their role and their organisation.

    By the end of this session you will be able to:

    • Name the different blood groups and describe why it is important that people get the correct blood group in a blood transfusion
    • List different types of blood products and name at least one purpose of each type of blood product
    • Describe how someone’s blood group is determined
    • Explain why blood transfusions are sometimes clinically necessary
    • Briefly, describe the risks and benefits associated with blood transfusions
    • Describe alternatives to blood transfusions – for example, oral iron tablets
    • Briefly describe the process associated with collecting a blood sample, collecting a blood bag from the blood storage point and administering it to a patient – including key checks clinical staff must make and why
    • Briefly, describe the concerns patients may have about receiving a blood transfusion
    • Explain why it is important to gain the patient’s consent for a blood transfusion and the reasons why some patients may refuse this treatment
  • Sale! Management in Preventing Radicalisation

    Preventing Radicalisation (NHS & Health & Social Care) course

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    This course has been specifically designed to help learners identify indicators of radicalisation, along with providing familiarisation of strategies designed to prevent radicalisation.

    What Is Radicalisation?

    Radicalisation is defined as the process by which people come to support terrorism and extremism and, in some cases, to then participate in terrorist groups. Radicalisation has far reaching implications and can cross socio-economic groups.

    Radicalisation can happen for a variety of ideologies including anti-globalisation, environmentalism and animal rights activism.

    This module will help you learn effective management in Preventing Radicalisation.