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    Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Acute) course

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    The aim of this module is to provide you with a good basic knowledge of pressure ulcer management, including:

    • The causes of pressure ulcers: how and why they occur, and which types of patients are most vulnerable to them
    • Current best practice in preventing the development of pressure ulcers
    • How to treat a pressure ulcer when it first appears.

    Course Content:

    • Introduction
    • What is a ‘pressure ulcer?
    • What causes pressure ulcers?
    • Assessing pressure ulcers
    • Repositioning techniques
    • Managing a Category 1 ulcer

    By the end of this module, you will be able to:

    • State when and why pressure ulcers can occur
    • Describe the category scheme for pressure ulcers and the implications of that scheme
    • Describe the types of people most vulnerable to pressure ulcers
    • List the possible consequences of failing to treat a pressure ulcer effectively at the earliest opportunity
    • Describe various means of preventing the development of pressure ulcers
    • Describe the most effective means of treating a pressure ulcer as soon as it is identified.

    This module is intended for all those working in a clinical/hospital setting, and particularly for nurses/doctors who are in day-to-day contact with their services users.

    It is not intended to deal with the wounds caused by pressure ulcers at categories II, III and IV.