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    Primary Care Infection Prevention and Control for Non-clinical Staff (CSTF) course

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    This session provides an introduction to infection prevention and control and has been specifically written for non-clinical staff such as healthcare assistants who are new to the role, porters, administrative staff, receptionists, laundry and cleaning staff, carers and volunteers.

    Some non-clinical staff, for example, more experienced healthcare assistants, may require more detailed training and may need to supplement their learning by completing the Infection Prevention and Control for Clinical Staff course which is more detailed.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Explain what a healthcare-associated infection (HCAI) is and how these infections spread
    • Describe the impact healthcare-associated infections have on patients and your duty of care to patients
    • Describe how healthcare staff can help prevent infections from spreading
    • Explain when your own personal health may pose a risk of infection to patients

    What is Primary & Secondary Care?

    Primary care is the first point of contact for someone when they contract an illness, suffer an injury or experience symptoms that are new to them. It is generally regarded as the ‘gateway’ to receiving more specialist care. This contact will be with a GP, Dentist or Optician.

    Secondary care is a patient who has been provided with primary care may be referred to a secondary care professional – a specialist with expertise on the patient’s issue. These are consultant-led services which include psychology, psychiatry and orthopaedics.