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    Online Tissue Viability Course For Carers & Nurses (7 Accredited Courses)

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    This Health & Social Care tissue viability courses bundle will give you an understanding of the differences between acute and chronic wounds and changes within the wound healing process. You will explore what wounds become chronic and why. Using the wound healing continuum you will learn about specific tissue types involved and the management of chronic wounds and the equipments that are involved.

    You will receive the following courses:

    • Tissue Viability-Introduction
    • Tissue Viability-Assessment and Treatment of Wounds
    • Tissue Viability- Dressings, Wounds and Pressure Relieving Equipment
    • Tissue Viability-Wound Bed Preparation
    • Tissue Viability- Wound Types
    • Pressure Ulcer (Community Setting)
    • Pressure Ulcer (Acute Setting)
    • Infection and Prevention Control