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    Your Healthcare Career (NHS & Healthcare) course

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    This course is relevant to those beginning their healthcare career. This could be in any manner of roles, however, the common factor will be the environment of healthcare. This will take a look at the job description of the individual, as well as their outlined responsibilities, and look at how their role will fit in against the workplace policies. It will also look at what their relationships with other staff, as well as patients may be.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Define their role within their workplace, as well as their responsibilities and limits
    • Have knowledge and understanding of Codes of Conduct, and any other policies and guidelines relevant to their role
    • Know what is expected of them in their role within the workplace
    • Know why personal development is important, and how it can be undertaken through seeking mentoring and shadowing others
    • Know how to raise concerns within the workplace, and understand how it should be done in the manner it is required to be done