Assign Courses
Once you have bought the course you wish your learner to complete, you need to assign the course to them.
To Assign CPD Courses
  • From the dashboard, select the top right button which says Manage Courses from the dashboard.
  • Find the name of the course, then click the Add/Remove learner button (Ensure there is a number of 1 or higher in the places left column, if it is 0 please refer to step 2 of adding a course.)
  • Find the learner you wish to complete this course and highlight them
  • Click on the button in the middle of the boxes which says Add, the name will then transfer into the box called Learners Assigned.
  • Click the blue button at the bottom of the page which says Save Changes. 
  • A Green box will appear at the top of the page saying that The Changes Have Been Made. An email will automatically be sent to your learner informing them that there is a course waiting for them to complete if set up via an email address.
Category: Business Accounts FAQ