I have drafted a guide on how to use our system. Please watch this training video overview. It is broken down into smaller sections below for your convenience.
You can access the training system here https://hlservices.psittacus-ble.co.uk/login
Should you have any issue logging in please reset your password or select “Create A New Password” from the login page and your details will be resent to you.
Video Tutorial: Logging In
If you have any issues with logging in or using the system then please contact the SUPPORT TEAM – you will see a red button on the bottom left-hand side of every page on the training system which is titled support.
For any sales enquiries please get in touch with me directly.
There are 3 steps to follow and they must be done in this order:
  • Step 1 Create the learner
  • Step 2 Add the courses
  • Step 3 Assign the courses
Step 1 – Create A Learner
To add a Learner
  • Go to the middle left box on the white side of the page which says Create Learner.
  • Go down the page to where it says Create Individual Learner and enter in your learner’s first name, last name and email address (if a red box comes up informing you that this email address is already in use then see if the learner has an alternative email address to use)
  • If no email is entered an access code will be created, you will find this code from the manage learners page. Please send them the login page link and access code.
  •  At the bottom of the page tick the box which asks to confirm that you have read the policies and then click on the blue button that says Create Learner. A green box will appear at the top of the screen informing you that your learner has been added to your hierarchy.
Video Tutorial: How To Add A Learner
Adding a large number of learners
At the top of this page, there is a download tab where you can download a CSV file. Fill out this information, save the document, then click Upload CSV file and all your learners will be added.
Step 2 – Add Courses
Once you have added your learner you will want to purchase a course for them to complete.You need to go back to the Dashboard and click on the top left button marked ‘Add Courses’
Select courses individually from either the “CPD Online Courses” tab, or the Care Certificate from the “Packages” tab.
  • To purchase any of the individual units, view the page where the box says CPD Courses
  • Scroll down the list until you see the course you wish to purchase
  • Select the quantity and click Add to Basket,
  • Scroll down the page and click Place Order and continue to payment method.
Video Tutorial: How To Purchase Courses
Step 3 – Assign Courses
Once you have bought the course you wish your learner to complete, you need to assign the course to them.
To Assign CPD Courses
  • From the dashboard, select the top right button which says Manage Courses from the dashboard.
  • Find the name of the course, then click the Add/Remove learner button (Ensure there is a number of 1 or higher in the places left column, if it is 0 please refer to step 2 of adding a course.)
  • Find the learner you wish to complete this course and highlight them
  • Click on the button in the middle of the boxes which says Add, the name will then transfer into the box called Learners Assigned.
  • Click the blue button at the bottom of the page which says Save Changes. 
  • A Green box will appear at the top of the page saying that The Changes Have Been Made. An email will automatically be sent to your learner informing them that there is a course waiting for them to complete if set up via an email address.
To Review Your Learners Progress and view or print certificates
  • Return to the Dashboard and going to the middle button the on the right marked Manage Learners. This will take you to a page which lists all your learners. It will state, the name, email address and when they last logged in.
  • Next to the box marked Assign, there is a button marked Learner Report. Click on the download button and an Excel Spreadsheet will appear which lists all the courses you have assign to the learner.
  • It will tell you whether they have opened the course, how far they are from completing the course, how many attempts they have taken to complete it, their percentage pass and whether their certificate it available.
  • To view/print, the learner’s certificates press the “Request Certificates” button.
Please view the below videos to help you make the most out of the system
I hope this walk through has assisted you and that you continue to use it to enhance your learner’s training.
Please feel free to contact me for any further assistance.
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