Award for Under-age Sales Prevention

AUASP (Award for Under-age Sales Prevention) Course

At HL Online Training, we provide the online accredited training course AUASP, which is an ‘Award for Under-age Sales Prevention‘. This certificated course is something that both management, and general industry staff, can benefit from in the preventing of sales of prohibited items to persons who are under-age.

What is the AUASP? (Award for Under-age Sales Prevention)

The Award for Under-age Sales Prevention is an online course that focuses on preventing unlawful sales in regards to age-restricted products. Such products include alcohol, tobacco, knives, and similar related items. The AUASP online course that HL Online Training provide will cover a range of topics within this area, such as defining what age-restricted products are, how to refuse service to persons who are either under-age or intoxicated by alcohol, and the penalties that can be incurred when a seller is guilty of unlawful supply.

To break down the informational aspects of the course, here are the learning outcomes:

  • Why the law restricts the sale of certain products
  • Summary of age-restricted products
  • Refusing sales to under-age persons
  • Refusing sales to those intoxicated by alcohol
  • Record keeping techniques

Why do we need a AUASP? (Award for Under-age Sales Prevention)

The AUASP online course that we provide can be used as either an induction for new staff, as part of ongoing staff training, or as a refresher course to existing staff and management. The course information goes far deeper than simply educating the learner in the law of the age restrictions for certain items such as tobacco and alcohol, and is a relevant module for all levels of experience in sales. The AUASP course equips the learner with the skills and techniques required in order to ensure that a customer is of age to purchase restricted products, as well as how to deal with refusing the sale of an item. This advice covers those customers who might be under-age, as well as those who might be intoxicated with alcohol, in which case they should not be sold or served alcohol.

For those querying whether or not they need this online training, it provides all the up to date legal information as regards the British law in relation to selling items to the public, therefore it is something that will give the seller confidence in serving the public. This will equip the learner with the skills necessary to carry out their job to the best of their ability, as well as oversee other staff doing the same. This ensures that all staff and sellers responsible for selling alcohol, tobacco, solvents, knives, and other age restricted products, are abiding by the exact same set of rules.

Who should take the AUASP? (Award for Under-age Sales Prevention)

There is a wide range of people who can benefit from taking the AUASP course, the majority of them being retailers in many situations, as well as those working in various areas of hospitality. The course is something that is suitable and helpful for both new staff to undergo, as well as experienced staff who could benefit from a refresher course in this area, which will equip them with up to date legal knowledge. It is an excellent piece of training that will ensure that all staff abide by the legal requirements for selling age restricted products, and preventing the sales to under-age customers. The manager and owner of any establishment are legally responsible for preventing the sales of age restricted products to under-age customers, and so enrolling all staff members in such an online course is a step toward responsible trading.

Pub landlords, bar staff, waiting staff, banqueting staff, restaurateurs, shop keepers,  counter staff, personal shoppers, shop assistants, caterers and traders are all examples of those who undertake our online course AUASP. It is recommended that anyone working with serving or selling alcohol, as well as selling tobaccos and other such age-restricted products, undergo this online module.

Who benefits from an AUASP? (Award for Under-age Sales Prevention)

Aside from employers and employees benefiting from the course teachings, the general public and the consumer also benefit from the prevention of under-age sales being carried out. We have already covered why it is important for management and staff to undergo the online course AUASP and how it can benefit them in their everyday job, but the fact that this is a way to protect the public, and minors, is a valid reason for this course existing too.

What does the AUASP (Award for Under-age Sales Prevention) involve?

As with all HL Online Training courses, this award can be carried out in the learners own time, in a place of their choosing, online, and on a number of devices. Be the learner looking to use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the learning portal will allow the course to be completed.

The course, the Award for Under-age Sales Prevention, focuses on preventing the unlawful sales of alcohol, tobacco, and other age-restricted products. The subjects covered will go into what specifically age-restricted products are, how to refuse service to those customers who are intoxicated by alcohol, or those who are under-aged, and the penalties that can be incurred when items have been unlawfully supplied.

This HL Online Training course will take around 2 hours to complete, depending on how the user decides to take it. The learner will have the choice to carry out the course in one go or split it into shorter sections. The learner is also able to retake the course, ensuring that they complete it and are certificated by the end. The focus is on educating the learner and ensuring they have understood all the facts and principles in the AUASP course.

We provide full technical support to the learner should any difficulties arise with using our learning portal, so as an employer you can rest assured that this will not take up any of your valuable time. Get in touch with us at HL Online Training to discuss booking the courses and us setting up the learning portal for your employees.

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