What is Catheterisation

is the name given to a procedure, enabling healthcare workers to empty the bladder of specific patients. This intervention may also be accompanied by an insertion of a catheter, as well an installation of medication. This is a fairly common procedure, however training in Catheterisation is a must as infections as a result of this healthcare procedure can occur, and prevention is essentially the key.

This HL Online Training online course in Catheterisation is accredited and certified, and available for all healthcare workers to take, be them still in their initial stages of training, or more experienced staff. Any healthcare worker will know how important training in such areas is, and that refresher courses should also be taken if need be. HL Services cater to the needs of staff requiring online training in Catheterisation.

Who should take a Catheterisation Course?

Health workers who are coming into contact with patients who have catheter needs are likely candidates for this online course. Those who are in charge of dealing directly with these needs are certain to require the Catheterisation training course, and these people could be nurses either onwards, or in care homes, and care workers.

Why is a Catheterisation course important?

Despite installing and changing Catheters being a common and straight forward procedure, there are precautions that need to be taken, and health and safety understood. Hygiene is vital in order to prevent infections which can quickly turn serious, but which are fairly easy to avoid in the first place. By taking an online Catheters training course, alongside the practical training on the job, the learner will gain a good knowledge and understanding of why certain procedures are carried out the way they are and understand more about the theory to this medical procedure.

What does this Catheterisation course involve?

The HL Online Training Catheterisation Course, designed for RGNs & Care Staff, covers both theoretical and practical elements. By the end of the course, attendees will be familiar with the reasons for Catheterisation, the equipment selection and the processes involved.

Learning Outcomes:

Definitions & methods of Catheterisation

The learner will gain clear knowledge and understanding of the definitions used to describe areas of Catheterisation, as well as the methods used too.

Differences between supra-pubic & urethra catheters

The learner will gain knowledge in what the differences are between the supra-pubic and the urethral catheters.

Advantages/disadvantages of urinary catheters

The learner will become aware of both the advantages of using urinary catheters, as well as the disadvantages of such a medical procedure.

Reasons for Catheterisation

There are many reasons as to why someone might be fitted with a catheter, and these will be discussed on the course so that the learner has a greater awareness of the various situations that a catheter can be used in, and why.

Male/female anatomy

The male and female anatomy are obviously very different in this area, and the learner will become aware of these anatomical differences.

Male catheterisation procedure (theory)

The learner will gain knowledge and understanding in the theory of the male catheterisation procedure.

Female catheterisation procedure (theory)

The learner will gain knowledge and understanding in the theory of the female catheterisation procedure.

Post-procedure catheter positioning

The post-procedure catheter positioning procedure is explained in detail to the learner.

Post-procedure checklist

The learner will be made aware of the Post-procedure checklist, for Catheterisation.

Record keeping

Record keeping is an essential part of any caregiving work, and here the learner will be made aware of how the actions surrounding this procedure should be recorded, along with any causes for concern and other notes.

HL Online Training offers this online Catheterisation course to all health workers, and allow it to be taken in the learners own time, in a number of ways; from a laptop or PC, a smartphone or tablet. We aim to make the courses as convenient as possible, and so the learner can take them in their own time and at their own pace. HL Online Training offers full technical support for all course candidates, and so there will always be someone on hand to help should a problem arise. If you are looking for online accredited and certified Catheterisation courses, then be sure to get in touch.

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