Accredited Medication Training for Care Workers

What is medication training for care workers?

One of the most overlooked areas of healthcare workers is that of medical training for care workers. Giving medication is far more complex than the “take two pills three times a day after meals” or following the instructions on the packet. Understanding the wider implications surrounding medication is important and valuable knowledge to have.

Medication training for care workers serves a number of purposes that educate the student about many aspects of the administration of medication. The training in no way teaches the student about a specific medication or qualifies them to prescribe any medication. The primary objective of the training, however, is to improve the care given to patients and safeguards the use of medication in the working environment. Medication is an important and highly controlled and regulated part of care giving. Having the right training and better understanding of medication, rules, regulations and general safeguards will benefit the patient considerably through improved care.

Care workers often have limited, if any, medical training and yet on a daily basis, they are working with medicines. Making sure a patient takes his or her medication may seem like a simple task, however, there is a lot more to it than just a glass of water and a handful of pills. A key element of medical training for care workers is understanding medication in general. Simple things such as storage and dispensing must be understood and there are strict rules in place around this alone.

Alongside the storage and dispensing comes documentation and record keeping. Ensuring patient information is kept confidential is part of the training that is required. Keeping records up to date, more than just “gave Tom his blue tablet at 3 pm” is required and medical training for care workers covers this. There is the host of documentation around medication that needs to be completed as part of operating a care home or hospital.

Another important area around medication that these training covers are the understanding of legislation around the administration of medication.  Furthermore, being taught how to properly administer medication is a fundamental component of the training.  Knowing more about why and how to administer medication is vital to improving the care offered to patients in any care environment. Almost every aspect of administering medication is regulated and appreciating the legislation will lead to better patient care and a better run care environment.

With proper training, care workers can reduce and eliminate medication errors and the training provided makes a student a valuable asset to any care team. Knowing that care workers have the appropriate training around medication gives peace of mind to senior co-workers, patients and the loved ones of patients in care.

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