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  • Sale! Understand Your Role Immediate certificate Course

    Understand Your Role course

    £9.47 £11.36 Inc VAT

    This course is suitable for someone who works within the Social Care Sector.

    Often people you will be supporting are vulnerable so you will learn your responsibility towards them.

    Your responsibilities towards the people you work to support are based on the social care value.

    As someone who works in social care, you will work with people to help them with their daily lives.

    Often these people are vulnerable, so you need to understand your responsibilities towards them.

    Your responsibilities towards the people you work to support are based on the social care values.

  • Sale! Verification of Death Certificate Course

    Verification Of Death course

    £9.47 £11.36 Inc VAT

    This learning resource is aimed at nurses working in primary care, supportive care and care homes. It will support the development of your knowledge and skill to competently verify death of adults. It is not limited to any particular setting or situation, but enables the nurse to understand the procedure to verify death within the contexts of both expected and unexpected death (and the particular considerations for both situations).

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the legal and professional context related to death verification and certification
    • Differentiate between an expected and an unexpected death, and any particular policies or procedures related to these
    • Develop knowledge, skill and competence to sensitively perform verification of death
  • Sale! Work in a Person Centered Way Training

    Work in a Person Centered Way course

    £9.47 £11.36 Inc VAT

    In this course, you will learn no two people are the same or have the same needs. As a social care worker, you need to provide care that is centred or focused on individuals you are supporting.

    Learner Outcomes:

    • Promoting person-centred values
    • Promoting dignity
    • Active participation
    • Recognising possible signs of dementia
    • Making Choices
    • Promoting Well-Being
  • Sale! Your Personal Development Online Course

    Your Personal Development course

    £9.47 £11.36 Inc VAT

    To be able to do your job well, it is important to understand the main duties and responsibilities of your role.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Safeguarding
    • Support decision making
    • Partnership working
    • Respect diversity
    • Promote independence
    • Promote dignity and respect
    • Challenge discrimination
    • Support equality and inclusion