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    Dementia Care Practice Level 3 course

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    This course is aimed at all staff working in the care environment who work with people with dementia. A general understanding of the issues associated with dementia will be established. Candidates will gain under-pinning knowledge of the below issues and therefore will be able to put this into practice where necessary.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • What is meant by the term “Dementia”
    • Different Types of Dementia
    • Strategies that may assist the individual and their carer in the management of the disease
    • Supporting the Individual Communication Managing behavioural changes
    • Empowering the Individual
    • Define dementia, explain the causes and how it affects the brain
    • Identify the symptoms and diagnosis of dementia
    • Explain the range of treatments and approaches available for people with dementia
    • Define the law in relation to dementia sufferers and explain the principles of recording, data protection and confidentiality
    • Identify the key features of PCCP and be able to construct a person-centred care plan
    • Explain the main problems faced by people with dementia
    • Caring for Dementia Sufferers
    • Identify key aspects of the physical care and support required by dementia sufferers
    • Identify key aspects of the psychological and emotional care and support required by dementia sufferers
    • Dementia: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis
    • Dementia: Treatment and Legal Issues
    • Care Planning for and Problems of the Dementia Sufferer