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  • Sale! Food Safety Hygiene Course

    Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1 course

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    The Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1 Course

    The safe preparation, storage, and serving of food at work are a vital part of what you do. You and your colleagues are responsible not only for your own food safety, but also for the food safety of those in your care and visitors.

    Within this section we are going to look at:

    • What happens when food safety goes wrong
    • Some common food hazards
    • Your responsibility for food safety
    • What food poisoning looks like and who is most at risk
  • Sale! overview of the Safeguarding Children Online Course Level 1

    Level 1 Safeguarding Children Course (NHS & Health & Social Care)

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    Our Level 1 Safeguarding Children Course acts as an introduction for healthcare staff into the main issues around safeguarding children. Case studies are used for the purpose of illustration and discussion, throughout the course.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Know what is meant by the definition of child and young person
    • Know what is meant by child protection and ‘safeguarding’
    • Know who is responsible for such safeguarding of children
    • Know and understand what is meant by abuse and mistreatment of children
    • Know about current UK legislation when it comes to child protection
    • Have knowledge and understanding of the mental health of parents and carers, and be aware of the impact of domestic violence impacts of a child’s wellbeing
    • Understand the risks to children surrounding social media and the internet
    • Know how to voice concerns relating to the wellbeing of children
    • Know where to find sources of information and support
  • Sale! Safeguarding Adults Level 1 Online Course

    Safeguarding Adults Level 1 (NHS & Health & Social Care) course

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    The purpose of this course is to ensure that all staff working within the health and social care sector cover an introduction into how adults under their care can be protected. For this course, case studies are used, with the aim of knowledge and understanding being gained through these examples.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Know what is meant by safeguarding adults, and know why this is something that is required to be educated in
    • Be aware of how adults can be vulnerable to the abuse of others, and how to notice when various types of abuse may happen
    • Be aware of the terms terrorism and extremism, and know the impact they can have on vulnerable adults
    • Know what can be done in their role to prevent abuse
    • Know the procedures to go through when abuse is suspected, as well as what the current UK legislation is