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    Safeguarding Children Practice Level 3 Course

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    This safeguarding children Level 3 course is designed to give everyone who works or has contact with children, young people and/or their families, an introduction to safeguarding and to raise awareness of the below areas

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Legislation and guidance
    • The recognition of child abuse
    • How to respond to concerns
    • Who to contact when there is a concern
    • Fulfilling “duty of care”
    • Safe practice and keeping children safe
    • Vulnerability and Protection
    • Define the legal status of the child and the concepts of child vulnerability, child protection and significant harm
    • Explain the concepts of protection, vulnerability and significant harm
    • Identify the responsibility of individuals and organisations in protecting children
    • Recognising Abuse
    • Define abuse and identify the indicators and related examples of physical and emotional abuse
    • Identify the indicators and related examples of sexual abuse and neglect
    • Recognise the signs of abuse and bullying
    • The Legal Protection of Children
    • Explain the nature of child protection law and the detail of The Children Act 1989
    • Identify the range of relevant child protection orders
    • Define the Children Act 2004 and explain the importance of the Disclosure and Barring Service Child Protection Procedures
    • Identify the range of child protection procedures
    • Explain the range of post-referral procedures
    • Apply a range of knowledge and understanding to solve practical child abuse situations