Need to Know About Domiciliary Care

What you need to know about domiciliary care induction training!

Healthcare in the UK is becoming ever more regulated for obvious reasons. Care homes and other places are expected to meet higher standards year on year and maintain these standards. Training, therefore, becomes a top priority both for caregivers and the establishment they work in.

Domiciliary care is an area of healthcare that could very easily go unregulated. Caring for someone in their home sounds straightforward, but in fact, it is often more challenging or demanding than caring for someone in a home or hospital. Carers who provide domiciliary care have to meet the same high standards of care, have the same caregiving knowledge and deliver many of the same services as a carer elsewhere, and this training is important.

Starting out in domiciliary care requires training. Whether the domiciliary care is provided privately or through a local authority, the requirements are the same and must be adhered to. While every place a person will be cared for in domiciliary care will be different induction training for each new entrant into the industry is quintessentially the same, how and where that domiciliary care induction training is given is what makes the difference.

Comprehensive domiciliary care induction training is vital

it needs to set the foundation for a growing healthcare career. The course needs to meet certain accreditations and regulatory standards and teach the best practice in these areas. The training also needs to be easily applicable from the “classroom” to the workplace.  Furthermore, good domiciliary care induction training should provide a springboard for further studies, career growth for the student or improved service delivery for the caregiving organisation.

Online training is the ideal solution for domiciliary care induction training and is fast becoming the preferred way to bring new staff members onto a team.  Online training as part of an induction package reduces costs for employers and saves time with employees having to take far less time out of working hours. Online domiciliary care induction training makes the induction process easy to plan and deliver and makes it a repeatable process creating hassle-free inductions.

Online domiciliary care induction training provides the most comprehensive training available

It is the simplest way to bring exemplary induction training into any organisation. The training is easily accessible, experienced care professionals and students have compiled the courses are assigned a tutor or mentor to ensure they get the most out of the training.  Depending on how the induction process is set up online domiciliary care induction training.

At the end of the domiciliary care induction training course you will:

  • Understand the role and the requirements of a domiciliary care worker
  • Understand the necessary policies and procedures related to the work
  • Be able to communicate within your role
  • Understand and show the principles of people-centred caring
  • Understand confidentiality
  • Understand work safety
  • Understand basic administration and record keeping

For anyone entering the domiciliary care environment online domiciliary care induction training makes sense. Likewise, for an organisation reviewing or establishing its staff training programs and procedures, online training is something that must be considered as part of best practice in the workplace today

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