Care Planning & Record Keeping Online Training Course

What is Care Planning & Record Keeping

Care planning and record keeping are vital components to working effectively in the care sector, and that is why it is so important that all staff are trained in this area. Taking an online course in care planning and record keeping will provide learners with the practical knowledge they need to then go about producing effective care plans, each tailored to the individual, their circumstance and their specific environment. Creating care plans is something that benefits from experience in the care sector, however, this course is an excellent foundation for anyone at the start of their career, as well as any experienced carer or support worker in need of a better understanding of care planning.

Alongside care planning, record keeping is another aspect to roles in the care sector which needs to be completed properly, and with a high degree of professionalism. Records kept in the area of Care can be used in legal cases, and so should always adhere to a certain high standard, which is shown in this online course – Care Planning and Record Keeping.

What will the Care Planning and Record Keeping course cover?

The HL Online Training accredited care planning and record keeping course will give the learner a solid foundation in the knowledge and understanding of the procedures and standards required, when it comes to caring planning, and record keeping in Care. The learning outcomes of the course are shown below, with a brief explanation as to how the learner benefits from each one.

Learning Outcomes:

How individual care plans can be different

The very nature of care plans are unique, each tailored to the individual and their own personal circumstance. The learner will gain awareness of how care plans are unique to the individual, and how they can vary.

Why care plans should be updated

The learner will gain awareness of the reasons why care plans should be updated. People’s needs and circumstance change, and so care plans should change in order to reflect the individual at any current time.

Working with other professionals

The learner will gain knowledge and understanding of how the care planning and record keeping relates when working with other professionals, and how the work they do on these affect the job of other professionals related to the individual. Record keeping is not solely for carer’s and support worker’s benefits, but they play a role in the work of doctors, social workers and other professionals.

Observation Skills

The learner will gain an understanding of how their observation skills can then relate to care planning and record keeping tasks. Observation is a huge part of these tasks and so aware of the part it plays will be established.

Stages of Care Planning

The learner will gain knowledge of the stages of care planning, what they are and how to devise them. Care planning is an ongoing process with many stages.

The assessment process

The learner will gain knowledge and understanding of the assessment process, and the aspects to look out for when devising a care plan, as well as noteworthy aspects for the record keeping.

Creating a Care Plan

Finally, the learner will have full knowledge and understanding of how to create a care plan, in accordance with the unique needs of an individual. This is the end result of all the other learning outcomes and will result in a comprehensive and professional care plan.

How is this Care Planning and Record Keeping Online Course took?

The learner is in complete control of taking this online care planning and record keeping course and can do so at their own pace and in their own time.  The flexibility offered by HL Online Training enables the learner to choose the best way for them to learn, and ultimately complete the course with certification. The choice can be made whether to carry out the course in one go or to split it into shorter sections.  Everyone learns in different ways, and the beauty of taking online courses with HL Online Training is that you can choose what works for you, making sure that the information really goes in.

The learner is also able to retake the course should they need to, in order to gain certification, ensuring that they complete it, understand it, and are finally certificated in Care Planning and Record Keeping by the end. The focus is on educating the learner and ensuring they have understood all the aspects of the Care Planning course.

Employers and team leaders looking to arrange an online care planning course for staff should get in touch with us at HL Online Training. All that is required is that you book in a number of staff members for the course, and we will do the rest. We make the process of staff training as straightforward and efficient as possible, taking away any disruption from the day to day running of your workplace.

At HL Online Training, we provide full technical support to the learner should any difficulties arise with using our learning portal, so as an employer you can rest assured that this will not take up any of your valuable time, nor be an extra hassle for you to deal with in your busy schedule. Get in touch with us at HL Online Training to discuss booking the courses and us setting up the learning portal for yourself, employees or group members.

Take this online course at a time that suits, and access it via a mobile device or computer. It is possible to take this course on the move, should you be travelling and have some downtime, or take it on a break at work, or at home in the evening. Flexibility to learning is what we are all about, and we are on hand to provide support should you need it.

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