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what is Carers Awareness

HL Online Training offers a fully accredited training course for Carers Awareness which can be taken online, in the learners own time. Carers are plentiful in the UK; be them paid or unpaid, recognised or non-recognised, young or old. Unfortunately, the details of what a Carer goes through, are the aspects that are unrecognised. Many Carers carry out care at home, while going to school or work at the same time, unsupported and misunderstood. This is where a Carers Awareness course comes into play, as it helps provide the learner with an understanding of what a Carer goes through on a daily basis, both physically and emotionally.

This Carer’s Awareness online course can help those about to be a carer or even those who are being cared for and want to understand the role and impact that has on the Carer themselves, especially if it is a family member.

Who should take a Carers Awareness Course?

Those who are directly involved with Carers should certainly undertake the HL Online Training Carers Awareness online course. This could be school teachers or youth workers who have young carers in their class or group and therefore require an understanding of this exact role. Young carers are often in need of greater support in and outside the school, and require understanding for being late or falling behind with work. Some might have behavioural issues, which shouldn’t be excused but can at least be understood. Youth workers provide support outside of school and provide escapism through fun activities. People in these roles, along with charity workers and volunteers, can greatly benefit from taking our Carers course.

Carers young and old all have individual situations. Something different will be expected of each of them, however, there will also be aspects that they all experience, such as the overwhelming stress of responsibility, and putting their own needs second. It is vital that employers and anyone directly involved with individual Carers have an understanding of what they are going through at home, on a daily basis with very little let-up.

In some cases, the course might help the person being cared for to gain a greater understanding of the caring role and what it takes to be a Carer or someone who is facing being a Carer for the first time. People in advisory roles when it comes to benefits and legal standings can greatly benefit from this Carers Awareness course too. The fact that the course covers Carer’s Legislation, and The National Carer’s Strategy, means it will prove beneficial for any existing Carer, or those who face the task ahead. Our HL Online Training online Carers Awareness course provides a wealth of information, allowing the learner to gain greater knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Why is a Carers Awareness course important?

Carers Awareness is more important now than it ever was. More and more people are being cared for in some capacity or other by a family member or friend, and it is vital that this role is understood. Many people work in care for a living, but they are fully trained in vital areas, they have a staff support network, and more importantly, they get to switch off at the end of their shift. For an unpaid carer, this is not possible. It is often an isolating role, and the demand is 24 hours a day, leaving very little time or thought for their own needs.

It is therefore important that those involved with carers, be it, teachers, employers or family members, understand exactly some of the issues they face on a daily basis. By understanding, they are able to offer support and realise that even the smallest gestures can help greatly.

What does a Carers Awareness course involve?

This online Carers Awareness training course is designed to help the learner understand who Carers are, what it is that they do, and how it can affect them. The course will also look at the legal rights of Carers and will explore the types of needs they might have.

Learning Outcomes include:

Who is a Carer?
The learner will gain knowledge into who a Carer is, and what circumstances might lead to someone being a Carer.

What is it like to be a Carer?
The learner will gain an understanding of what it is like to be a Carer; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Impact of Caring
The learner will gain knowledge and understanding of how caring for someone on a daily basis can have an impact upon the life and wellbeing of the Carer.

The learner will come to understand what the needs of a Carer are and develop an awareness of such needs.

The learner will become aware of legislation when it comes to Carer’s rights in many areas, be it discrimination, financial or support.

The National Carer Strategy
The learner will gain awareness of The National Carer Strategy, in which the government has set a vision that by 2018, carers will be universally recognised and valued, and support will be given in order for them to maintain life balance.

Work & Caring
The learner will gain an understanding of work-care-life balance, and how allowances may at times have to be made in the workplace for Carers.

HL Online Training offer this online Carers Awareness course to be taken in the learners own time, in a number of ways; from a laptop or PC, a smartphone or tablet. We aim to make the courses as convenient as possible, and so the learner can take them in their own time and at their own pace. HL Online Training offers full technical support for all course candidates, and so there will always be someone on hand to help should a problem arise. If you are looking for online accredited and certified Carers Awareness courses, then be sure to get in touch.

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