Conflict Resolution Online Training Course

What is a Conflict Resolution 

HL Online Training offers a conflict resolution online training course. Conflict translates as a disagreement or argument and can occur to varying degrees. As a natural part of life, conflict is highly likely to occur in any workplace or organisation, at least one time or another. Rather than seeing conflict as something to be avoided, it is better to look on it as something to be resolved. This is where Conflict Resolution comes in, and an online Conflict Resolution course from HL Online Training can really help to deal with, and also prevent, severe conflict from escalating. No matter what the disagreement is, Conflict Resolution techniques and procedures will help work out problems in the workplace, and help toward things running amicably and smoothly.

Negotiation plays a massive part in the resolution of any conflict, and the outcomes should be something that all parties are agreed on, and a solution settled on. The solution doesn’t have to involve people changing their opinions, however, it does take the emotion out of it and help find a solution that will benefit the organisation and the task at hand.  It is also important that productivity is not harmed in this process, and people are able to work alongside one another without harbouring grudges due to the disagreement. This type of controlled negotiation gives all parties a chance to put forward their issues, and then compromises are made and reasons explained, which is far more productive than arguments, bad feeling and storming off.

Who might need to take a Conflict Resolution course?

As we have mentioned, conflict in an inevitable part of life where people live or work alongside each other; be it shared accommodation, a workplace, charity or organisation. So, those who may benefit from a Conflict Resolution course could include office workers, warehouse staff, shop staff, legal partners, GP’s, charity volunteers, football teammates – the point is, everyone can benefit from this type of training. People at all levels of the career ladder can benefit from the knowledge and understanding this course provides, and it builds a foundation of life skills that will benefit all in the long run. Completing adequate training in Conflict Resolution would be in the form of an accredited online course, such as the one provided by us at HL Online Training.

Who benefits from the Conflict Resolution course?

The answer to this, is that by properly resolving conflict in a controlled and diplomatic way, everyone in the organisation will benefit, and not just those directly involved. It gives the people in conflict the opportunity to be heard, and to properly hear and understand one another. This has a great knock-on effect to both products, and also staff and group moral, moving forward with the conflict resolved. As a result of this, it is not only the people in the workplace or organisation that benefit but those using the services of such a company, as the quality of work and productivity of staff will be substantial.

Conflict resolution relies heavily on the employee or organisation member getting the opportunity to be heard, before being made to listen to the other side without interruption. They should understand that it isn’t necessary for them to agree with the opposing view, however listening and recognising other valid points of view is key to resolving the issue.

An impartial 3rd party mediator is often vital to this balanced and calm approach, allowing then ideas to be brainstormed and the best solution to be talked out and discovered. It is important that emotion is taken out of the equation, and that people do not react to other’s opinions, personally or emotionally. Someone within the company who has taken a Conflict Resolution course could work effectively as a mediator, as they will be trained and aware of the procedure and concept of finding a resolution.

What does the Conflict Resolution course involve?

The online Conflict Resolution course by HL Online Training is specifically designed to be carried out online, in the learners own time, and in a place that suits them. HL Online Training offers an advanced learning portal, which enables the learner to access the course via any device they choose; laptop, tablet, PC or smartphone. This makes it the ideal form of training for fitting in with work and home commitments and ensuring a large number of people access the course if need be.

The Conflict Resolution module will introduce the learner to Conflict Management procedures, providing training in key skills that will not only help in the workplace but in general life too.

Learning Outcomes include:

Explain the purpose of a Conflict Resolution Procedure

The learner will understand why Conflict Resolution is so important, and the benefits that can result from following such procedures.

Understand Conflict Resolution Procedures

The learner will learn and understand what the procedures are, and how to execute them.

Identify the key roles in Conflict Resolution Procedures

The learner will be able to identify the key roles within such procedures.

Understand an employee’s right to appeal

The learner will understand the employee’s right of appeal in cases which cannot be resolved.

The learner can complete this online Conflict Resolution course at their own pace and in their own time.  The flexible technology offered by HL Online Training means that the learner will have the choice to carry out the course in one go, or split it into shorter sections if they prefer to. The learner is also able to retake the course should they wish to, ensuring that they complete it, understand it, and are certificated in Conflict Awareness by the end. The focus is on educating the learner and ensuring they have understood all the aspects of the Conflict Awareness course.

At HL Online Training, we provide full technical support to the learner should any difficulties arise with using our learning portal, so as an employer you can rest assured that this will not take up any of your valuable time, nor be an extra hassle for you to deal with in your busy schedule. Get in touch with us at HL Online Training to discuss booking the courses and us setting up the learning portal for yourself, employees or group members.

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