Autism Awareness Online Training Course

What is Autism Awareness

Take an online training course in Autism awareness at HL Online Training. We provide an online accredited course in Autism, which is fully certified. This Autism course is something that can benefit everyone from professional care staff, to volunteers and family members.

This Autism Awareness training course is aimed at care workers and anyone else who is involved with those who have Autism. Learners taking the course will gain a better understanding of what Autism is, and the effect it has on an individual and their life. If you are looking for an online Autism course, then HL Online Training have one of the best.

What is Autism?

Autism is a lifelong condition, and it is not a disease that can be cured. This developmental disability is one that affects the individual in their everyday life, their thoughts, feelings, and their interaction with others. Autism has a deep impact on how the individual sees the world, although it is a condition that is on a spectrum, and people can be affected by it to varying degrees.

Being Autistic can show differing learning difficulties in different individuals, and varying levels of support are needed. While being Autistic can present very similar symptoms, people still have their very individual characteristics of the condition and individual challenges. For example, some people can find their condition so overwhelming that they suffer from severe anxiety as a result, while others are happy to retreat rather than be misunderstood, and even see their Autism as a vital part of their identity.

With Autism affecting more than 1% of the UK population, it means there are around 700,000 people living with autism in the country. There is no differentiation between race or cultural background, anyone can suffer from the condition, however, reports have shown men to suffer from it more than women.

Another challenging aspect of having Autism can be that people do not look disabled in any way.  This is why an awareness course in Autism is so important. The majority of people living with it feel misunderstood, and many children are looked upon as being badly behaved when in reality it is their condition that causes them to act and react to the world in a different way to their peers.

How is Autism Diagnosed?  What are the symptoms of Autism?

A medical diagnosis of Autism is vital when it comes to getting the help and understanding required to live a full life. Many professionals are usually involved in the diagnosis of Autism, such as a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, a speech therapist, and a Paediatrician. Many people feel a sense of relief when they receive a diagnosis, especially the parent of an autistic child who has been struggling at school – a diagnosis means that they then have access to the help, services and support they require.

While individuals can show various characteristics of autism, usually the common factors of social difficulties, either via communication or interaction, are the symptom that prompts the seeking of a diagnosis. Repetitive behaviour patterns, as well as obsessive interests, present since childhood, can be another common symptom. Those with Autism experience difficulties in communicating with others, often unable to interpret other peoples gestures, the tone of voice and sense of humour. Taking what people say literally, and not understanding sarcasm or jokes is another communication symptom usually present.

While some people with Autism can have good language skills, others can have limited speech. They are likely to struggle with vague concepts and lack understanding when it comes to interpreting communication from others. Some people even prefer to communicate without speech altogether. Other symptoms include repeating what the other person has said to them, or a tendency to talk at length about their own topics of interest.

Because of these difficulties in communication and social interaction, some people with Autism can be wrongly labelled as rude, insensitive, aloof, inappropriate or a bit strange. But, in truth, the world is a very confusing place for a person with Autism, and as a coping mechanism, many people develop strict daily routines, even eating the same breakfast every morning. They tend to have highly focused interests and can do well channelling this focus into work of some sort, perhaps voluntary or even just personal hobbies.

Sensory sensitivity is another extremely common symptom of Autism. This can be in the form of either over or under sensitivity; be it to smells, sounds, lights, colours, temperatures, and so on.

Who should take an Autism Awareness course?

Our online course in Autism awareness is something that has been designed to benefit care workers involved in working with clients who have Autism. This can help greatly in their care work, giving them better understanding and awareness of what it is like for the individual. But as well as care workers, it is an extremely helpful awareness course for all sorts of support workers, family members and private carers, parents who are struggling to understand their Autistic child, charity volunteers in the field, and anyone else who interacts with someone who has Autism.

How can I take an Autism Awareness course?

As with all HL Online Training courses, we make it easy for you to take a course in Autism awareness. If you are a manager or employer in charge of training numbers of employees, then our platform is exactly what you need – you simply book people into the course and the rest takes care of itself. We even handle all technical queries. The course itself can be carried out in the learners own time, in a place of their choosing, online, and on a number of devices. Be the learner looking to use a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, the learning portal will allow the course to be completed at a time and at a pace that is best for the learner.

To take one of our online courses, simply purchase online here on our website, it couldn’t be easier. Alternatively, if you wish to book several staff into one of our training courses, get in touch with us and we will set up accounts for them to access the course via our online learning portal.

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