Affordable Online Course

Do you need training for the health and social care sector, and are looking online?

At HL Online Training, we not only provide recruitment solutions but deliver online training for the industries we cover.

With our online training, you can support staff, remain compliant and expand your learning and development. Our online training is affordable and extremely accessible, without compromising on quality.

Train your staff for much less in 2017.

HL Online Training delivers low cost accredited online training courses on a variety of subjects. We have over 100 CDP accredited training courses, including those on Health and Social Care and Human Resources (HR).

HL Online Training also has online courses in Health & Safety, Moving and Handling of People, Fire Safety, Manual Handling of Objects, Injection Control and Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults on all there packages for businesses and charities.

Whether you’re an individual needing training, or a business or charity, HL Online Training is confident that you’ll love our online courses.

Our courses are particularly useful for anybody doing shift work or those who have an unusual work pattern. Even the busiest care worker will fit our training into their schedule.

Training can be accessed on any device, whether it’s a tablet, PC or laptop.

Discover more about our online training today.

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