What is CPD training & how can I ensure I get my hours?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a term that covers a range of proactive professional learning, including online training, conferences, and seminars.

Whether it is determined by individual appraisal, governing body, or demands of the job market, CPD is essential for a growing number of professionals.

To put it simply, the purpose of CPD is to advance your learning and help you to become better at your job.  You’re probably in one of two camps: either you’re obliged to undertake a number of CPD hours by your professional governing body, or you’re voluntarily pursuing CPD to improve your skills.

The importance of CPD, in almost every industry, has been recognised.  You might have an individual CPD plan drawn up at an annual appraisal, or you might be in a position to design your own training route.

What sort of CPD courses are there?

Of course, for many job roles, there are mandatory or annual training requirements – such as Fire Safety and Moving & Handling – and these can be efficiently completed online, saving time and accumulating the required number of hours.  Check out our range of Bundles specially designed for people in different roles, including the Food Safety courses bundle, Business Management courses bundle, Childcare training courses bundle, Dental Nurses & Technicians courses bundle, Domiciliary Care Staff courses bundle, Healthcare Assistant courses bundle, Nurses Mandatory courses bundle, and GPs Mandatory Training Bundle.

Remember that CPD takes a wide range of formats.  At HL Online Training, we specialise in skill training – our courses are written and supported by qualified professionals, on specialised topics.  To be sure of receiving your hours, look for the CPD Certified logo.

Why undertake CPD hours?

It’s very simple: continuing your training enables you to update your qualifications.  Taking relevant courses, online or otherwise, upgrades your skill set and adds the latest knowledge to your armoury.   Don’t be limited to what your job entails; consider your strengths and interests too.  If you’re thinking about your next career move, then a thoughtful CPD plan can improve your prospects and help you to secure a job.

CPD Certificates: The majority of our courses take around an hour (with Level 2 or Level 3 requiring more time), and you’ll receive a certificate to show you’ve completed a CPD hour.   If you choose an online training provider, it’s easy to start and stop your course and fit it around your work commitments, so you can easily do your course in twenty-minute segments if you like.

Business or organisation?  We’re your online training partner for compliance

HL Online Training is accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group.   If you partner with us to supply online training to your employees, you’ll have access to our Learner Management System.  Your employees will have access to courses via our bespoke learning software, which is easy to use and remembers progress.   It’s easy for you to show compliance with the latest legislation, with records on your learners and their qualifications.  You can buy the courses you need, or open a ‘pay as you go’ plan with us.  Buy courses at business rates – starting at 99p

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