Safeguarding Children Online Courses

What are safeguarding children and vulnerable adults Online Courses?

The safeguarding of adults and/or children in care have come under the microscope in the last few years. Increased awareness has seen the need for stricter, often more complex and more transparent regulations to be enforced. Understanding the safeguarding of adults and children in care has, therefore, become an even more important skill to have.

There are a number of online courses that can train and equip personnel with the necessary skills of safeguarding vulnerable adults and children. There are both general and more defined or specialist courses that take skill levels to heights that can dramatically transform the levels of care given. Different levels of training from basic level 1 through to more advanced level 3 training is offered with many of the online courses offered by HL Online Training.

The courses are all practical and deliver essential skills that grow a caregiver. The courses are all accredited and have been written in a way that makes them easy to understand and apply in the workplace. Every course offered has an online tutor that will assist and guide each student, this allows for discussion via email, messenger and phone making the courses more interactive than many would imagine.

As well as general Safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children courses there are courses that address more specialist areas of care. For those working with mentally ill patients or those with other disorders such as diabetes or an end of life illness safeguarding them is taught. Mandatory packages of courses for nurses are available as well as courses for allied health professionals.

Each course, whether as a standalone course or as part of another course or even as part of a bundle of courses teaches the fundamentals. Unpacking the legislative framework around the safeguarding of vulnerable people and explaining in detail what safeguarding means and why it is important is a key element of each course. Getting to grips with the legislation is one of the biggest hurdles in today’s care industry.

Being taught specific communication and care skills within the legislative framework around the safeguarding of patients is also part of the online courses. Understanding procedures, how to identify abuse or neglect for both adults or children become practical skills taught. The online courses teach practical skills that can be brought into to workplace. These skills empower the learner and for those employed bring added value to the establishment in general.

For patients in care, a carer who has been properly trained and equipped in the safeguarding of adults or children the level of care received is considerably higher and is delivered with greater dignity. Caring becomes more proactive and the reactive skills of the carer are intensified making improved care the outcome.

The online courses for the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children are all fully accredited and a certificate of achievement is presented to each student.

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