What is CQC Training?

Care Quality Commission (CQC) Training is mandatory training that anyone working in the care environment must undertake. Care Quality Commission training is provided to equip carers with the necessary skills to provide appropriate care within the given guidelines of legislation.

Much of what is covered in CQC training may seem basic or mundane, however, delivering care that meets set standards is essential. The CQC training can be applied to carers and medical workers in a variety of fields from general frail care to dental practice workers. The Care Quality Commission sets the fundamental standards that care must never fall below and training of staff to ensure this important. Having been training in CQC a carer becomes a valuable asset and with well-trained CQC staff, the care home or practice becomes more reputable. Through the training, general care and comfort of those being cared for increased considerably.

There are a number of areas the Care Quality Commission training covers, again these may seem basic but they are essentials in meeting high standards of care. Care must be given at a level to which people must expect and thus understanding the basics is vital. A CQC training course delivers the skills that meet the national standards the Care Quality Commission has set.

Basic life support training is covered and the CQC levels of expertise are taught in a number of courses available as part of the curriculum for each course. The importance of the basics can never be underrated and CQC training is useful for both incoming skills into the workplace as well as for those needing their understanding to be refreshed.

Complaint handling and care planning and record keeping skills are taught. There are strict regulations in the care environment on many administration tasks that even the most junior of carers must adhere to. The practical skills around this are taught so that they can be applied with ease.

Food safety and hygiene also fall under CQC training. Adhering to the standards in this area of care is all part of being able to deliver better levels of care. Food safety and hygiene may seem like a small thing but within the care environment, it can and will make a tremendous difference to the care offered.

Within the confines of CQC training patient and carer, safety is also covered. This is an aspect of care can be easily overlooked and good common sense is far from being enough. In this area, the safeguarding of patients from abuse and neglect is fully covered. Understanding what property or adequate levels of care mean must be understood.

Overall CQC training equips people and establishments with the necessary skills to deliver exceptional levels of care that meet or exceed UK legislation.

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