CQC Inspection for Staff

Pass your CQC inspection by ensuring your staff training is up-to-date

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is independent regulator of health services in the UK.  Funded by the Department of Health, it’s tasked with inspecting every provider of health and social care and rating them on a variety of aspects.

On an inspection, CQC inspectors will be using a long checklist that covers premises and catering, safety and safeguarding, governance, dignity and respect, and quality of care.  One of the CQC’s fundamental standards relates to staff qualification.  It states:

 “The provider of your care must have enough suitably qualified, competent and experienced staff to make sure they can meet these standards.

“Their staff must be given the support, training and supervision they need to help them do their job.”

What exactly does the CQC mean by “the training they need to help them do their job”?  It’s a complex matter.  The Care Quality Commission is governed by UK legislation, such as the Health and Safety Act, the Mental Capacity Act, the Care Act, the Equality Act, and all other laws passed in relation to the workplace.  In terms of “appropriate qualifications”, he CQC is guided by the registration bodies for each health profession.  It also looks at the training and appraisal programme put in place by the healthcare provider.

Training may vary between providers, but The Department of Health’s Core Skills Training Framework is a key reference point for most NHS trusts, and it’s being adopted by other health providers too.  It helps to establish the mandatory and clinical training standards for staff.  For a provider, aligning with the CSTF is a good way to ensure and maintain training standards.

DISCOUNTS!  Have more than one member of staff?  We offer discounts for bulk purchases.  Our courses start from 99p, see how we can help you to make your training budget go further


Have more than one member of staff?  We offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Our courses start from 99p,

See how we can help you to make your training budget go further

Our courses help you to meet the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

We have aligned our courses with the Core Skills Training Framework, so you can be sure that they are up-to-date, and they deliver the required outcomes.

For convenience, you can find mandatory training for different job roles organised in bundles  (for example: GP Mandatory TrainingDental Nurse and Technician Mandatory TrainingAllied Health Professional Mandatory Training – find your role using the search box at top right).

The Care Quality Commission and the Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is not yet compulsory for health and social support workers and carers.  But the Care Quality Commission welcomes the Care Certificate and says that it “expects providers to demonstrate that their staff have, or are working towards, the skills set out in the Care Certificate”.

Our online course covers all 15 standards in the Care Certificate.   You can start your Care Certificate online here.

Affordable, relevant training for your staff

Achieving an Outstanding rating from the Care Quality Commission is highly complex.  But training your staff in the key foundations of care, dignity, equality and safety is an essential component.

HL Online Training courses can be studied from any device at any time.  They’re written by qualified professionals, and each course has a tutor who is available for queries.  We also provide learner management software so that you can track the development of your workforce and maintain records.

Our courses start at 99p per person for business accounts, so it’s never been easier to bring your entire staff up-to-date.

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