Core Skills Training Framework

What is the Core Skills Training Framework?

The Core Skills Training Framework is a set of recommended learning outcomes and approaches common across many healthcare roles. The actual requirements are set by the professional bodies for each profession. It has been widely adopted by NHS trusts and it is open to commercial healthcare and social care providers in England, Scotland and Wales.

What’s good about the Core Skills Training Framework?  It sets the standard in mandatory training, ensuring continuity across employers and trusts.  Covering topics like Infection Prevention, Equality, and (since 2016) Radicalisation, it is a badge of reassurance for the benefit of patients, too.

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What is the mandatory content of the Core Skills Training Framework?

There are ten key subjects in the Mandatory/Statutory section of the CSTF.  Although there are some variations in the course content delivered in England, Scotland and Wales, the ten subjects are:

1 Equality, diversity and human rights  (Equality, Diversity and Human Rights CSTF course)

3 Health, safety and welfare (Health, Safety and Welfare CSTF course)

3 Fire safety (Fire Safety CSTF course)

4 Infection prevention and control (Infection prevention CSTF Course)

5 Moving and handling (Moving and Handling CSTF course)

6 Safeguarding adults (Safeguarding Adults Level 1)

7 Preventing Radicalisation (Preventing Radicalisation course)

8 Safeguarding children (Safeguarding Children course)

9 Resuscitation  (First Aid course)

10 Information governance (Information Governance course)

Will the Core Skills Training Framework benefit your organisation?

More and more providers are aligning with the Core Skills Training Framework, including agencies, bank staff, and health educators.  Why?

  • It standardises the training received by health professionals – so each organisation has a benchmark to work with, rather than establishing its own level of competence
  • It clarifies the aims of mandatory training, and assures quality levels
  • It means that employers won’t need to retrain new staff unnecessarily
  • Guided by the Department of Health, the CSTF provides reassurance for patients too.

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