Safeguarding Changes in 2018​

Safeguarding and safeguarding changes in 2018

One of the most high profile activities will always be the safeguarding of young people and children. Throughout the UK Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) are in place to ensure the safety, protection and welfare of children and young people. Via “Working together with Children” (WTSC) statutory guidance to support the safeguarding of children and young people has been developed and is regularly updated.

The most recent changes to the WTSC are now being implemented following a review of LSCBs a few years ago. Alan Wood made recommendations that the government wholeheartedly accepted and the facts of these recommendations are worth a visit to understand them fully.

What is changing?

  • The overall recommendation from Alan Wood is wide-reaching but the main and most fundamental changes include:
  • LSCBs will be replaced with Local Safeguarding Partnerships (LSPs). This group approach to tackling local safeguarding incorporates Local Authorities (Child Services), health, and police. These parties must become better organised and be able to other agencies or parties that can add value to local safeguarding
  • Child safeguarding cases of national importance will be reviewed by a new national child safeguarding practice review panel.
  • Child death review partners will responsibility for child deaths and will investigate the death of any child resident in their area.

The current position

In the interim period where LSCBs transmission to LSPs things will be busy while at the same time safeguarding and the existing role of the LSCBs needs to be maintained.  Parliament needs to vote in the changes to WTSC to allow any new changes and recommendations to come into effect. It is anticipated that the new multi-agency regulations will be in place around September 2019.

Moving forward

There will, of course, be many concerns and misunderstandings at the present time, and until the final transitional stages are complete, these many will remain. It is clear though that agencies will still have training requirements and HL Inline Training can provide this to meet any current demands and needs.

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