Online Training Course for Support Workers

Accredited online training for Support Workers

Essential knowledge for all support workers

Support work is an incredibly rewarding career.  Increase your skills and become even more incredible.  It’s surprisingly simple with HL Online Training.

You’re doing an amazing job.   To ensure your skills remain relevant, it’s important to review your training.  We’ve designed straightforward, online courses that are essential learning for anyone who works with people – including family support workers, residential support workers, mental health support workers, and healthcare support workers in all fields.

Support work asks a lot of you, and you’ll need background knowledge on a wide variety of topics to bring the best to your job.  Topics that we recommend for support workers include Safeguarding (vulnerable adults as well as children), Food SafetyMoving & Handling, First Aid, and Fire Safety.   More specialised courses include AutismEnd of Life CareMental Capacity Act/DOLS, Verification of Death, and Catheterisation.  Choose one or make savings by buying a bundle.

You can also obtain your Care Certificate, which is the new professional standard for all healthcare support workers.   It’s easy to study online, fitting it around your work and family life.  The total time required is 17 hours, but you will receive a CPD certificate for this time.

Support worker qualifications will help you get a job…

Are you looking for a support worker job?  Adding some qualifications to your CV will help you to stand out from the competition.   If you’re new to the profession, you can start with the basics.  Choose from our comprehensive selection; every course is completed online, and you can retake the assessment as many times as necessary.   Support worker qualifications can give you the confidence to look for a support work job – and the impressive CV to get it!   If you’d like to make the move into mental health support work, or family support work, we’ve got the specialised courses to help you do that, too.  And if you’re unsure which to choose, get advice in seconds: 

Access the course in your own time, with your own tutor

We won’t simply sell you a course and leave you to it.  Get stuck in to the course materials via a secure login – you can start at home or work – and if you have a question, there’s a tutor available to help.  Our support worker courses are designed by qualified professionals with occupational experience.  They’ve been where you are, and they’re perfectly positioned to give you advice as you follow the course.  Remember there’s no such thing as a silly question.

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