Online Mandatory Training in Care

What is Mandatory training in care

 Whether it be for residential care home staff, nursing staff, or general care staff, there are various forms of training that are deemed to be mandatory training. The aim behind mandatory training in care is to ensure that all care staff deliver their services in a safe way and to a high standard, as set by the regulating bodies. This mandatory care staff training is a way of making sure that care staff comply with the relevant guidelines and regulations set out by the authorities in the health and social care sector.

Mandatory training in care courses can include; end of life care, moving and handling, fire safety, catheterisation, dementia awareness, medication management, hand hygiene, infection prevention and control,  waste management, bullying and harassment awareness, and much more. HL Services provide a wide range of mandatory training courses for care staff, in the form of online training courses, and have the advanced technology platforms that make completion of the courses straightforward. Whether it be mandatory training in care for new staff or refresher courses for care workers, HL Services have all the up to date online care courses available.

Mandatory care training courses should be undertaken during the employer’s time, however, it is possible to take the training courses online, which means it is possible to be more flexible with when and where the courses are taken. It is a requirement that employers allow staff training to take place during work hours, however, it is also permissible for the learner to undergo the training in their own time if need be, and if agreed to by all concerned.

Mandatory training in care courses are not just for new care staff, but the opportunity is there for existing care workers to brush up on their knowledge and skills, ensuring that their training in care is all up to date. Refresher courses in care are sometimes mandatory, but it depends on the organisation.

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