Why Do Nursing and Care Staff Need Mandatory Training

Why Do Nursing and Care Staff Need Mandatory Training

It is a fact that Nursing and Care Staff are required to undertake mandatory training for care staff. Almost all nursing staff training is essential, and this mandatory training for nursing and care staff is sometimes referred to as compulsory training. The premise behind mandatory training for nursing and care staff is to ensure that everyone is able to deliver health services in a safe, effective and efficient way, to the required standard. This mandatory training for specific health workers is a way of making sure that all nursing and care staff comply with government guidelines and regulations in the Health and Social Care sector.

Mandatory training for nurses ensures that nursing standards are upheld, and the same goes for care staff and care workers. This compulsory training for care staff and nurses may consist of; child protection, catheterisation, blood transfusion processes,  medication management, data protection, clinical record keeping, hand hygiene, waste management, infection prevention and control,  conflict resolution, bullying and harassment awareness, dementia awareness, and much more. There are a wide variety of modules within the mandatory training for nursing and care staff, and each role will require a different set of training modules to be undertaken and passed, depending on the role of the individual.

The reason why nursing and care home staff need statutory and mandatory training is not solely because the regulatory standards must be upheld, as set by the government health bodies, but it also equips them as staff with a knowledge base that will help them in their work, from day one.

HL Online Training doesn’t only cover the mandatory care training for nursing and care staff, but also offer more specialist courses on top of this, which are optional, however worthwhile. Healthcare training courses such as Autism, Dementia, and Mental Health Awareness, are valuable in offering the individual further knowledge and understanding of clients who may have such issues. All HL Online Training online training courses are accredited and certified and are frequently undertaken in professional healthcare fields as part of nursing and care staff training.

Mandatory training for nursing staff, as well as compulsory training for care staff, comes in the form of online training courses from HL Online Training including the Skills Training Framework (CSTF). This form of mandatory training course ensures that all healthcare operatives and individuals are able to access the online training for care staff easily and effortlessly, and therefore adhere to the national standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) / Care Commission and other government regulated bodies.  

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