Online Training Courses for Homecare Staff

What are Homecare Staff

People who provide care for those at home, be them independent Home Carers or from homecare agencies, can benefit greatly from the range of online training courses provided by HL Online Training. Not only do we provide mandatory home carer training, but we also have a wide range of online training courses for home carers which can expand their knowledge and understanding in specialist areas. Providing online training for homecare, sometimes called domiciliary carer, roles are something that we at HL Online Training have great experience in. Whether it is supplying an employer with what they need for online staff training in home care,  or an individual domiciliary carer requiring further training in caring for someone at home, HL Online Training can provide them with a wide variety of specialist courses. At HL Online Training, we offer certified and accredited online training courses, including; The Care Certificate, Moving and Handling, Health and Safety, Care Planning, Mental Health Awareness, Duty of Care, and much more.

Mandatory Training for Home Care Staff

Mandatory training for home care staff may consist of the following online courses; end of life care, moving and handling, child protection, fire safety, food hygiene, catheterisation, dementia awareness, hand hygiene, infection prevention and control,  conflict resolution, bullying and harassment awareness, and anything else in direct relation to the position. Such online training courses for home care staff should be undertaken during the employer’s time, and the employer should make provisions to ensure that all staff are able to take such training without disruption to their usual shift patterns. HL Online Training offers flexible online training courses, and so we give the option to undertake them at a time that suits.

Online Courses for Home Carers

At HL Online Training we don’t only cover the mandatory care training required in the homecare field, but also specialist areas in health and social care at home training, such as Autism, Dementia packages, and Mental Health Awareness, which can be key in doing a job well and understanding clients who may have such issues. As has been mentioned, all our high-quality courses are accredited and certified and are frequently undertaken in professional home care fields.

The platform that we offer our courses on for home carers and domiciliary care staff uses advanced technology that allows the course to be taken on the go using a mobile device, or in work or at home on a laptop or PC. Employers booking in staff can be reassured that HL Online Training is on hand to offer technical support should the need arise, allowing employers to get on with their daily job. HL Online Training online home carer courses do tend to run smoothly, however, and are self-explanatory to the user. In order to book online training for home care staff, all that is required is you get in touch with us at HL Online Training, with names and staff quantities, and we can take care of the rest.

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