Mandatory Healthcare Training Courses

Mandatory Training Courses

What are Mandatory Training Courses

Mandatory training courses are an essential part of care staff training, often being referred to as compulsory training. In order to ensure that all staff are being held accountable to the same standards, mandatory training courses are available online and employers are required to arrange for such care courses to be undertaken by staff. By offering mandatory training courses, at HL Online Training we can assist employers in ensuring that staff comply with the relevant government guidelines and regulations.

Mandatory training for care staff can include a variety of areas, including compulsory care courses such as; end of life care, moving and handling, child protection, fire safety, food hygiene, medication management, dementia awareness, hand hygiene, infection prevention and control, conflict resolution, bullying and harassment awareness, and much more. These mandatory training courses from HL Online Training, where applicable, should be undertaken by all care staff. New care workers should take compulsory training, and existing staff members who have yet to complete the mandatory online training for care workers.

These mandatory training courses for the health care sector should be completed on the employers time, with allowances being made when it comes to shift patterns of care workers. This is because the training courses that are compulsory should be taken in a proper environment for learning, to ensure that they absorb the information and gain certification as an outcome. HL Online Training offers flexible online training courses, and so the ability to take it in a time and place that suits is there. The care courses provided all come with certificates, as are required.

Refresher courses in care work are sometimes mandatory, depending on the position at hand, and HL Online Training makes this easy by providing accredited and certified online courses in care. While refresher courses are not necessarily seen as mandatory by the authorities, it is a requirement that all staff remain fully trained and competent in their role. It is therefore up to the specific care organisations, what they deem to be mandatory to their staff when it comes to care training courses.

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