Mandatory Training for Residential Care Home Staff

What is Mandatory Training for Residential Care Home Staff

Mandatory training for residential care home staff is a form of training that is essential, otherwise referred to as compulsory training for residential care home staff.  By insisting on such training, the object is to ensure that all care home staff are able to deliver their services in a safe way and to a high standard. This mandatory care home staff training is a way of making sure that care home staff comply with the relevant guidelines and regulations set out by the authorities in the health and social care sector.

Mandatory training for residential care home staff may consist of; end of life care, moving and handling, fire safety, catheterisation, dementia awareness, hand hygiene, infection prevention and control,  conflict resolution, bullying and harassment awareness, and much more. It depends of the type of position held in the care home, and the organisation, as to the type of compulsory care staff training they see as essential.

Residential care home staff should take mandatory training courses during the employer’s  time, however it is possible to take the mandatory training courses online, which means it is possible to be more flexible with when and where the courses are taken. While employers are required to provide time during work hours for the taking of online training courses, or other compulsory training for residential care home staff, it is perfectly permissible for the learner to undergo the training in their own time if need be, and if agreed to by all concerned. When taking online mandatory training courses for residential care home staff at HL Online Training, the learner is able to access and complete the online care staff training on a desktop PC, a laptop, or a mobile device. It is the responsibility, under The Equality Act 2010, of the employer to ensure that any training policy in place does not negatively impact upon any group of people, for example shift workers or those who have a particular faith that requires them to be elsewhere at a certain time of day.

The mandatory training for residential care home staff does not just involve training courses for new care home staff, but the opportunity is there for care staff to brush up on their knowledge and skills, ensuring that their training in care is all up to date. Refresher courses in care are sometimes mandatory, but it depends on the organisation.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) give no specification of how often refresher mandatory training should be taken by established care home staff, however, they do require that all member of staff remain competent in their role. It is usually the responsibility of the employer as to what training courses for care home staff roles they decide to deem as mandatory, in ongoing training and refresher courses in care.

It is a requirement of any residential care home employer to meet a set of standards, which include NHS litigation authority risk management standards and the Care Quality Commission inspection criteria.  The overall aim is to provide better health services and maintain high standards of care. Ongoing training, via online training courses in care, is one way of ensuring all staff have up to date skills and knowledge.

If you are a care home employer and are looking for mandatory training courses for residential care home staff, in the form of online training courses, then get in touch with us at HL Online Training – we make it easy to book in any number of staff to our online courses for health and social care. You will find fully accredited and certified online courses in areas of compulsory care staff training, enabling you to comply with government and official guidelines and regulations.

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